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           Report on EECS Instructional Computing Facilities
                           Fall Semester 1994

by: Kevin Mullally, Manager of EECS Instructional Systems

Soda Hall:

  In August 1994, the new CS Division building was opened.  EECS
  Instruction has been assigned rooms 271, 273, 275, 311 ,349 and 
  311 Soda for Insructional workstations.  Here are the plans for 
  these labs:

  271 Soda		33 HP 712s; primarily for CS61B
  273 Soda		33 HP 712s; primarily for CS61C
  275 Soda		33 HP 712s; primarily for CS61A
  347 and 349 Soda	20 HP 720s; for other CS users
  311 Soda		9 HP720s (the Snake cluster); for CS grads

  At the start of the Fall semester, only 33 HP712s had been received.
  These were installed in 271 and 273 Soda, and the CS61B and CS61C
  classes started using these labs.  Those classes had previously
  used the WEB in Evans Hall.

  The remaining workstations and 2 large fileservers are expected
  to arrive in September and October.  In the meantime, all CS classes
  other than CS61B and CS61C are expected to use the Cory Hall labs
  as they have done in past semesters.  CS61A reserves room 105 Cory
  at times.

Cory Hall:

  These are the Cory Hall labs for Instructional computers:

  199 Cory		16 Irises, 8 HP 715s
  105 Cory		30 HP 715s
  111 and 119 Cory	28 DEC 2100 and 5000/25 wkstns

  Construction work in room 199 was started in July and has continued
  beyond the completion date of August 15.  It should be completed in
  mid September.  Until then, 11 Irises are jammed into room 127 Cory,
  and 5 others are in storage.

  Room 117 Cory was changed over the summer from an Iris lab to the
  new headquarters of the4 XCF student group (they were displaced
  from room 199 Cory).

  After room 199 is completed, the Irises will be moved from 127 Cory
  and 127 Cory will be converted into an elecronics lab for EE classses.

  The Instructional mail server, "", hung up 3 or
  4 times during the first 2 weeks of September.  The symptoms seen by the
  users included the apparent disappearance of mail spools, delayed email
  diliveries and slow logins on the HPs (which look for new mail). 
  This seems to have been caused by a combination of a kernel with an 
  insufficient "mbuf" array size and a kernel bug that caused the mail 
  server to freeze as a result.  We have installed a patch and raised the 
  "mbuf" size to the maximun.  The problem has not reoccurred.

  The 138 net in Cory Hall crashed 2 times on Sept 9 and once again on Sept 
  11.  Each day, the Irises and HPs in 127 Cory and 105 Cory were unusable 
  for 3-4 hours.  The problem was traced to new network hardware that had 
  recently been installed for room 199 Cory.  The hardware was replaced and 
  the problem has not reoccurred.

  Po.eecs was down from about 9:15am until 4pm on Wed Nov 16.   This was
  caused by a hardware failure in memory; the bad memory was diagnosed and
  removed.   Po.eecs was down from about 4pm-6pm on Fri Nov 18 for the
  installation of replacement memory.

  Po.eecs was down from about 11:30am until 6:30pm on Sat Nov 26.   This 
  crash was apparently caused by either an overload of the network driver
  (caused by heavy NFS traffic) or a filling of the system process table
  (CS186 and other programming classes have been creating a lot of runaway
  processes lately).  We will install a new kernel soon, with a patch for
  the network driver and an increase in the maximum number of proceses.
  Po.eecs is a central file server, so its absence meant that accounts for 
  CS162, CS164, CS61A and about 1/3 of all our named accounts were 
  inaccessible.  Also, the /home/tmp directory was unavailable.  /home/tmp 
  is spill-over disk space for any user that needs it.