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           Report on EECS Instructional Computing Facilities
                          Spring Semester 1995

by: Kevin Mullally, Manager of EECS Instructional Systems

For a desciption of the current status of Instructional UNIX labs and
file servers, please read /share/b/pub/EECS.facilities (also accessible via
Mosaic and gopher).

For decriptions of additions and changes to software availability, please
read /share/b/pub/Instructors.Guide, /share/b/pub/ and other specific
files in the /share/b/pub directory (also accessible via Mosaic and gopher).

January 1995:

  A number of changes were made between Fall and Spring semesters. EECS 
  Instruction has received 2 large file servers for Soda Hall, called 
  Franklin.CS and Cochise.CS.  These were put into full service during 
  the break.  The major changes were:

  Snake cluster retired:
  - The Snake file server was retired, and all the home directories
    were moved to Franklin.   Users of the old "Snake cluster" can
    now access their Snake home directories from all of the EECS
    Instrcuctional labs and file servers.   For these users, the home 
    directory from Snake has become the one and only Instructional 
    home directory.  Many users with Snake accounts also had separate 
    "Cory" home directories; these Cory directories have been moved 
    into subdirectories called "CoryDir" in each user's home directory.

  Room 311 Soda available:
  - The old "Snake cluster" workstations, located in 311 Soda, are 
    being converted to general-access Instructional workstations.  
    Room 311 Soda is always locked and requires that you type in a code 
    at the keypad by the door.  All EECS students and staff may obtain 
    the current keypad code from the Instructional Group or CS Division 
    Offices in 333 Soda or 390 Soda.  This code is intended to prevent 
    access by non-EECS people.

    For Spring 1995, the code is "#23987*".

  Other home directories moved:
  - The home directories of users who are CS majors or associated primarily 
    with CS courses have been moved from our Cory Hall file servers to the 
    new Soda Hall file servers (Franklin or Cochise).  These users are 
    expected to work more often in Soda Hall, so network access will be 
    better for them now that their home directories are also in Soda Hall.   
    The new file systems on Franklin and Cochise can be identified by their 
    double-letter names, such as /home/ff, /home/gg and /home/ii.

    These users might notice that the date stamps on their directories
    have changed.  This occurs as a side-effect of the restore, tar and
    rdist commands used to move the home directories.  Otherwise, there
    were no changes make to the contents of the accounts.

  Class account user and group ids changed:
  - This change is for administrative purposes and should not be noticable
    by the users.   However, if you have old files in your home directory
    that were once owned by an instructor account, the files may now be
    unowned.  We have been searching for such files to update the owner-
    ship, but we may have missed some.  Please notify "root@cory.eecs" if
    you have any such files that are problems for you.
  Torus cluster moved to 199 Cory:
  - The 16 Iris 4Ds have been installed in 199 Cory and will be available
    for general access.  CS184 students can run GL on them and will also
    be able to run GL on the new HPs in 347 & 349 Soda.   New users: note 
    that the X window manager in the Irises is different that on our DECs
    and HPs; please read /share/b/pub/ for info about how to run
    XDM there, etc.

  Torus file server retired:
  - File systems from Torus.eecs have been copied to new disks on Parker,
    to simplify maintenance and improve performance for the Irises.  The
    file systems have been renamed:

       torus:/home/torus/a  is now  parker:/home/t
       torus:/home/torus/b  is now  parker:/share/irix
       torus:/torus-usr     is now  parker:/irix

    This is an administrative change that should not affect users.  Users
    are reminded that IRIX binaries will not run on Parker, which is an
    HP system.

February 1995:

  Parker.eecs crashed at about 8pm on 2/9 and at about 9pm on 2/10.  
  Parker is the file server for the HPs and Irises in 105 and 199 Cory.  
  We are not sure of the cause, but we do know of a bug that is in the 
  current operating system (HP-UX 9.01).   We will upgrade soon to 9.05 
  if this problem continues; otherwise, we'd rather wait until the
  Spring Recess at the end of March.

1994-95 in Review:

  About 110 new  HP  workstations  were  installed  in  the  6  new
  Instructional  labs  and  the  undergraduate  consulting spaces in Soda
  Hall. Now, an Instructional user can typically  login  to  his  or  her
  account  in  any  of  over 200 workstations in 10 labs in Soda and Cory
  Halls. The addition of Soda Hall has doubled  the  lab  space  and  the
  number  of  workstations  supported  by  Instruction.  CS61B  and CS61C
  started using the EECS workstations in Fall 1994  instead  of  the  WEB

  Major software additions on the new HPs  have  included  Iris  GL  (for
  CS184), Powerview (for CS152) and GAIN (for CS294-6).   Instruction has
  its own copy of /usr/sww in Soda Hall,  and  heavily-used  applications
  such  as Allegro CL and gcc are also installed on local workstations to
  improve performance.  48 Instructional modems were upgraded to 14.4  KB
  and 28.8 KB.

  The PCs in 204b and 123 Cory, used primarily by EECS150,  EECS104,
  EECS105,  and  EECS141,  have  been  networked.   The 204b PCs, used by
  EECS150, have been  upgraded  with  Pentium  90  CPUs  that  Intel  has
  A department-wide instructional license for Matlab on PCs has been pur-
  chased.  It includes Matlab, and the Simulink, Signal Processing, Image
  Processing, and Control Systems Toolboxes.   These  will  primarily  be
  used  in  the  CCS and Embedded Processors instructional labs.  (Matlab
  products for UNIX are available via a campus license.   A  college-wide
  HPVee  license  has  been  purchased  and  installed for use in EE120L,
  EE145LM, and EE100.

(end of document)