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								Sep 23 2010
              EECS Instructional Computing - Review and Plans
		               Spring 2009

	Mission Statement
	Current Initiatives
	Project Wish List
	Budget Cuts
	Notable Events

Mission Statement

  The EECS Instructional Support Group (ISG) installs and maintains networked 
  computers that are used by EECS classes.  ISG provides computer accounts for 
  instructors and students in the Instructional labs and on Instructional 
  servers.  ISG purchases, installs and maintains application software needed 
  for classes.  ISG supports instructional labs in Cory Hall, Soda Hall and 
  Hearst Field Annex.

  These are the functions in which ISG interacts with other UCB support groups:

  - we obtain enrollment lists from the Registrar (Student Information Services)
  - we synchronize our user accounts with the EECS department (IDSG)
  - we provide cardkey pre-authorization for our students to EECS Facilities
  - we bill students' voluntary printer charges to CARS
  - we coordinate our use of the EECS Network Node Bank with IDSG and CNS
  - we manage the computers in engineering labs with ESG 
  - we manage the computers in EECS conference rooms with ESG 
  - we manage the licenses for Synopsys/TCAD/HSPICE with the Device Group
  - we manage the licenses for Cadence with the BSAC group
  - we manage the licenses for Maya and Renderman with the BCAM group

Current Initiatives

  - Prepare move into new CITRIS labs.

  - Prepare move from old HFA C labs.

  - Replace old mice with optical mice in all labs. (approx $2K)

  - Upgrade 349 Soda (Computer Graphics lab) with 8 Intel-based MacOSX and 
    Windows systems, scanners and a color printer.  Maya 2009 can't run on 
    the current PowerPC-based Macs (circa 2004).  (approx $20K)

Project Wish List

  Here is a wish list of projects that we would like to do.   We lack the
  funding to do them all.

  1) new labs in CITRIS: furniture, A/V, etc ($50K)

	This is for CS Selfpaced, CS61C/CS61CL, CS184, CS39J and 
	DECAL classes (includes many non-EECS majors) - approx 
	1250 students.

	We've been allocated 2 labs in the new CITRIS building to 
	replace the 3 labs in Hearst Field Annex that we'll vacate
	in June 2009.  We need to purchase and install lab benches,
	chairs, networking and other accomodations to make the lab
	functional.  This would otherwise come out of the ISG S&E 
	funds.  Apple has promised to donate new computers.

  2) upgrade workstations in Instructional labs ($234K total)

	- replace 30 PCs (circa 2002) in 105 Cory for EE20N ($90K)
	- replace  8 PCs (circa 2003) in 111 Cory for EE117 ($24K)
	- replace  8 PCs (circa 2002) in 218 Cory for EE143 ($24K)
	- replace 120 dim CRTs with LCDs in 6 Cory & Soda labs ($96K)

	Benefit to approx 750 students in CS152, CS160, CS162, CS164, 
	CS169, CS170, CS172, CS184, CS186, CS188, CS194, CS198, EE117, 
	EE143, EE20N.

  3) upgrade servers used for EECS classes ($126K total)

	- 3 Sun SPARC (UNIX) servers ($30K each) 
	- 3 X86 (UNIX or Windows) servers ($12K each)

	These servers are used by all EECS classes for applications, 
	programming, autograding and for backend services including 
	email, LDAP, SVN, database, WEB and video steaming.

  4) computer/software for new Virtual Hosting service ($24K)

	- 1 Sun Fire X4450 Server w/ 24-core cpu, 64-GB RAM ($24K)
	- 100-user license for Thinsy VM server software ($???)

	Students in several programming classes would be issued a
	persisent virtual computer on which they could safely 
	develop programs that have special security or performance
	risks.  Users would include EE122 (network protocols),
	CS186 (database and WEB servers) and CS161 (computer 
	security) - approx 250 students.

  5) renovate 105 Cory: new furniture, wiring, A/V ($30K)

	105 Cory is a teaching lab that is used primarily by EE20N 
	but is also available to other classes.  It has an overhead 
	projector and is well-suited to hands on instruction.  The
	lab benches, chairs, network and electrical cabling are in
	disrepair from years of use.

  6) salaries for 2 student staff for 1 year ($60K)

	To meet the FY 08-09 budget cut (4.6%), we have reduced our
	student staff.  As a result, we have a higher incidence of
	delayed repairs and deferred maintenance in the labs.  This 
	funding would support staff for projects such as:

	- check physical condition of labs and do routine maintenance 
	- install new equipment (such as with items #2 above)
	- update our UCB Scheme software (CS3, CS61A) for home users
	- install an RSS feed server for use by instructors
	This would benefit all 6800+ students who use our computers.

  7) Develop an energy lab (est $80K) - ESG

	The course and labs would cover various energy sources, conversion 
	methods, devices, efficiencies, delivery infrastructure, costs, 
	storage and cutting edge technologies.  Labs would need related
	equipment, including: a heliostat with 2-meter solar collector 
	dish, various photovoltaic converters, solar-thermal converters, 
	direct hydrogen generation (pyrolysis) from water in concentrated 
	sunlight, robotic systems for capturing wind & wave power, tractor 
	kite to pull generator, direct electrostatic generation from wind, 
	and possibly submersible wave-energy transmission to generator.
	This would be a new course of interest to students from various 

  8) Develop Microfabrication and MEMs curriculum and labs (est $220K) - ESG

	Currently, we offer in EECS three courses in Microfabrication and 
	MEMs, with an annual enrollment of 150 students, approximately half 
	of which are EE majors.  We propose to underwrite the S&E expenses 
	of running these labs and to add labs to the MEMs curriculum.

	Some of the items we want to add are high frequency probe stations, 
	semiconductor parameter analyzers, high frequency impedance 
	analyzers, an AFM, a small single-target RF sputtering system for 
	aluminum for up to 4" substrates, spin rinser for similar substrates 
	to use prior to oxidation and diffusion furnace steps, and a bench 
	top prolifometer.

  9) Update and integrate the College of Engineering Controls 
     and Feedback Systems curriculum and laboratories (est $40OK) -ESG

	Combine the controls curricula from Mechanical and Electrical 
	Engineering into a common course.  This will also include a set 
	of common undergraduate lab experiments.  Primary cost are 
	Student staff for lab development for one year, upgrading 12 
	computer stations to use LabVIEW hardware.

	Standardize undergraduate lab experiments: Quanser Inverted 
	Pendulum (Pendulum Cart Control, Linear Inverted Pendulum); 
	Magnetic Levitation Control.  We Need 9 more Quanser setups 
	(in addition to the 3 purchased in Summer 2008), maintenance 
	for custom magnetic levitation setups.

	Develop a graduate controls laboratory using the undergraduate 
	lab experiments as a starting point: Quanser Nonlinear Inverted 
	Pendulum Experiments (Self Erecting Inverted pendulum, Double 
	Pendulum, Flexible Joint); Trajectory Tracking for Magnetic 
	Levitation Control.  We need 12 NI 1762 camera systems for 
	trajectory tracking.

	Courses affected (260 students) include:
	- EE128 (Feedback Control)
	- ME132 (Dynamic Systems and Feedback)
	- ME134 (Automatic Control Systems)
	- EE221A (Linear System Theory)
	- ME232 (Advanced Control Systems I)
	- EE222 (Nonlinear Systems Analysis, Stability and Control)
	- ME237 (Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems)

Budget Cuts

  The funding that supports Instructional computing will be cut by 13% ($73K) 
  starting July 1 2009, in addition to the temporary one-year cuts due to 
  furloughs.  This follows a %4.6 cut ($26K) in July 2008.  A FY 2009-2010 
  budget projection will be posted soon at

  This funding supports computers, software, service contracts, printing, 
  network fees, furniture, supplies and salaries.  For a a summary of the 
  facilities and services that are included, please see


Notable Events

  See for current events.

For additional information, please contact me:
  Kevin Mullally, ISG Manager
  EECS Instructional Support Group
  378 Cory Hall, (510) 643-6141

source: ~inst/public_html/reports/managers/Spring_2009