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Nov 25, 1999

              EECS Instructional Computing - Review and Plans
		                 Fall 1999

References about Common ISG and ESG Services:
    Instructional WEB server, links to class home pages, student home 
    pages, information about Instructional UNIX accounts, modem access, 
    cardkey access, computers and labs, software.
    Electronics Support WEB server, links to information about 
    electronics labs, AV services and Windows NT services.

Review of Recent Improvements:

  These changes are complete or in progress.  Many were in response to 
  comments from faculty and students at the faculty retreat last Spring:

    + added RAM to each PC (UNIX and NT) in Soda Hall labs (96MB in each)
    + added 4-processor Intel server running SolarisX86 (viper.cs)
    + installed (12) 2-processor Intel PCs in 349 Soda for CS184, etc.
    + installed 3-processor 64-bit HP-UX login server (mingus.eecs)
    + installed 4-processor Sun SPARC login server 
    + reinstalled/upgraded software on virtually all UNIX & NT systems
    + installed a secure (SSL) WEB server to allow password-protected UNIX
      WEB sites for instructors
    + set up an "ssh" download site so students can install a free version
      of this secure telnet software at home
    + 310 Davis: received permission to access Davis Hall bathrooms (will
      take effect in January 2000 when new cardkey reader is installed)
    + bought departmental licenses for Sun compilers (SPARC and X86)
    + installed gcc v 2.95 with the mips cross-compiler for SolarisX86
    + purchased departmental UNIX licenses for Purify; NAG Fortran
    + purchased 2 new HP 8000DN printers for 274 Soda Hall


  No additional Instructional lab space will become available to Instruction
  in the foreseeable future, so we must make maximum use of our existing labs
  and dialin services.  What we will do about that:

    + request grant from Intel for 31 Pentium systems running NT, to replace 
      16 HP workstations in 117 Cory and fill spaces in 111 and 119 Cory
    + request grant from Intel for 64 PCs running UNIX or NT, to replace 64 
       HP workstations in 271 & 273 Soda
    + request grant from Digital for 7 DEC Alphas running UNIX, to replace 
      7 HP workstations in 199 Cory
    + provide WEB-based distribution of software for classes, when possible
    + provide powerful UNIX login servers for running applications
    + request installation of air conditioning in 310 Davis ($39K)
    + request 100-MB networks in labs by Jan 2000 ($15K)

Computer Lab Usage:

  We periodically analyze the number and duration of logins on our computers
  to look for trends and bottlenecks.  The most recent reports and conclusions
  are available in  


EECS Modem Service has Ended:

  The department terminated its dialin modem service on July 1, 1999.
  Information about the alternatives is posted in


Class Rosters Now on the WEB:
  EECS class rosters and student email addresses are now available to 
  instructors via the WEB at:


  This is the same information that was formerly available by sending
  email to "roster@cory.eecs".

New Cardkey System:
  New cardkey readers were installed in Cory Hall in Jan 1999.  Soda and
  Davis Halls will be upgraded before Jan 2000.  Alex Para is the project 
  manager. The new cardkey readers use a white cardkey; the old readers use
  a blue one.   Many students will need 2 different cardkeys this Fall.   
  Users are charged $10 ($5 refundable) for the new Cory cardkeys.  Cardkeys
  are obtained at 387 Soda and 391 Cory.  The Instructional group provides 
  pre-approved class lists to the cardkey staff.

Notable events this semester:

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For additional information, please see
  or contact us.

  Kevin Mullally, ISG Manager               Ferenc Kovac, ESG Manager
  EECS Instructional & Electronics          EECS Instructional & Electronics
  378 Cory Hall, (510) 643-6141             377 Cory Hall, (510) 642-6952        
 source: /share/b/pub/reports/managers/Fall_1999