EECS Instructional Support Group, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
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Weekend Staffing for Instructional Labs

  • Sat and Sun tasks
  • group email addresses
  • off-hours trouble calls
  • when students break the rules
  • The Sat and Sun tasks are:

    Off-hours trouble calls:   (for staff)

            campus network & computers:     642-4920 (IS&T Trouble Desk)
    	EECS network & computers: 	642-7777 (EECS help desk)
            Inst computers & labs:		232-3876 (Kevin)(8am-10pm only please)
            building safety & security:     642-1032 (Facilities Management)
            personal safety & security:     642-6760 (UC Police)
            EMERGENCY:                      9-911

    When students break the rules:   (for staff)

      If you see anyone eating or etc, you can politely say something like 
        "Hi, I'm lab support staff, and my boss has told me to report 
        anyone who is eating in the labs.  He makes people clean the 
        labs as a punishment.  But if you remove the food from the lab
        now, I don't have to report it.  Thanks."
      You can report them to Kevin by identifying the time and the computer 
      they were logged into.  This may not always work (such as if they are 
      using a laptop or working in a group), but it is good enough.  It is 
      better to let the student get away with it than to falsely accuse or 
      argue with the student.

    Group email addresses:

     	Supports all Instructional servers and these labs:
    	271, 273, 274, 285 277, 330, 349 Soda
    	105, 119, 199 Cory
    	C30, C50 Hearst Field Annex
     	Supports the EE and CS150 labs that include electronics and 
    	instrumentation (125, 140, 218, 204 and 353 Cory) and labs
    	that are assigned to student groups (246 Cory, 444 Soda).
    See for more info.
    	an alias for staff (not students), since some of the support work 
    	is done by people who are not in the "inst@eecs" group.  It goes to 
    	inst@eecs as well as Ming Wong and Ferenc Kovac.   "inst@eecs" does 
    	the software/spooler maintenance.  Ming does printer hardware repairs.
    	ISG and ESG each replace the paper and toners in their own labs from
    	the shared supplies in 130A Cory and 251 Soda.
    	Students are told to send bug reports about the printers to their lab
    	support group - either "inst@eecs" or "esg@eecs".   This should be
    	posted on each printer.
      csav@cs, eeav@eecs
    	Supports the projectors and audio in classrooms and auditoriums in 
    	Soda and Cory Halls.  Includes some ESG staff as well as Chris Colbert 
    	(Cory Hall staff), CS office staff and some faculty.

    Thursday, May 02, 2019