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Instructional Software Downloads


This is the site of the former "InstCD", a compilation of various third-party shareware software for EECS Instructional users. We no longer provide the CD, but here are references to software from other sites:

  • UCB Scheme: This is a customized version of Scheme (written in STk) that is used by CS classes at UC Berkeley (

  • UCB SPIM: This is a customized version of SPIM that is used by CS classes at UC Berkeley (

  • Connecting@Berkeley CD (C@B): software available to all UC Berkeley students and staff (

  • PUTTY: used to login to our UNIX servers from Windows computers (

  • WinSCP: file trasfers between Windows and UNIX (

  • Xming: UNIX X Windows manager for Windows (   (replaces Exceed)

  • CygWin: UNIX tools for Windows (download a CD image of CygWin).

  • MIPS development tools: GNU development tools for Linux.

  • Mac OS X Tools: Developer Tools for Mac OS X (Apple Website).

  • ActivePerl: ActiveState's port of Perl for Windows platforms (Website).

  • inst at EECS.Berkeley.EDU
    August 2007