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Fixes for Instructional CD Releases

This page documents what we need to do before the next Instructional CD release. It should encompass all software updates that we know we need to do, as well as any bugs that are reported to us.

1.1-Beta-9 Errata:

DONE classes/cs61b, */java : erase all java categories, but link to the sun web site from classes/cs61b
DONE mac/emacs : erase mac/emacs/OLD if necessary
DONE classes/* : Scheme links from cs3, cs3s, cs61a broken
DONE classes/cs61b : cs61b java reference is inaccurate (not "on the CD"); also, java for Mac is now available on apple's website.
DONE classes/cs61c : cs61c description should mention mac os x spim, and should not mention spimsal.macintosh.bin
DONE mac/spim : macosx ~spim site should have an index.html, and mac/spim instructions should mention ancient mac os 8.x spimsal.macintosh.bin that is not supported.
DONE sources/spim : typo in instructions
DONE */drscheme : DrScheme web site links broken
DONE mac/ghostscript : Update mac ghostscript to latest version on (different site from other OSes!)
DONE mac/perl : Update Mac Perl to 5.6.1r1 -
DONE mac/x-windows : instructions page comes up blank?! (fixed: fix was to create missing 'mastersite' file)
DONE mac/stuffit-expander : update to 6.5.1 from web site

1.1-Beta-5 Errata:

DONE Update scheme source package and binary package for linux
DONE emacs-21.1 binaries for windows
DONE XDarwin for MacOS X under mac/x-windows
DONE scheme binary package for macosx
DONE Update scheme binary packages for windows
DONE Update spim source and binary packages for windows & linux if applicable
DONE Create spim binary package for macosx
DONE Update sources: c-compiler, emacs, ghostscript, perl, ssh.
DONE classes/cs3: Include latest version of replacement modeler from ~cs3
DONE classes/cs61b: Include whatever is the current version of the 61B reader, from the cs61b website
DONE windows/drscheme, mac/drscheme, linux/drscheme: Upgrade DrScheme to the latest version on the DrScheme website.
DONE linux/netscape: Upgrade Netscape to the latest version of Netscape 6.x on the Netscape website.
DONE linux/perl: Update the RedHat perl RPM to the latest version on the Redhat 7 ftp site. N.B. WE ARE NO LONGER DISTRIBUTING PERL for linux. Most distros already have it.
DONE linux/ssh: Update ssh binary to the latest RPM version on the website.
DONE mac/acroread, windows/acroread: Upgrade Mac and Windows Acrobat Reader to the latest 5.x version on the Adobe website.
DONE mac/emacs; Upgrade MacOS port of emacs to latest 21.x version on website.
DONE mac/c-compiler: Upgrade MPW to the latest version on the Apple Developer web site. Also put apple dev tools for mac os x on there. N.B. I was unable to verify the licensing status of Mac OS X dev tools. So they are not going on the CD for now.
DONE windows/c-compiler: update Cygwin to whatever version is current at time of CD burning
DONE windows/ghostscript: Upgrade ghostscript and GSView to the latest versions on the web site.
DONE windows/perl: update ActivePerl to whatever version is currently recommended, probably 5.6.1.
DONE windows/ssh: update SSH client to the current version being distributed to campus users. SSH Secure Shell for Workstations 3.1.0 Build 235.
DONE windows/windows-installer: upgrade to current version (google says the current versions are here)
DONE windows/zip: upgrade zip/unzip to latest versions (at least 5.5) master site is here.
DONE everywhere: update pointers to web sites for all software on CD and clear out broken links. If we can find a link checker to do this with, it might help. Otherwise, just do it manually. Also have to make sure we are using links to FILES on the CD rather than DIRECTORIES. (Otherwise, the user has to click on index.html himself, which is unobvious.)

1.0-Beta-3 Errata:

DONE Implement FORCE domain restriction for 61a berkeley.scm
DONE ``user jmacd does not exist - using root'' when installing scheme RPM
DONE Make it obvious where cs3 gets scheme from
DONE Include,,
DONE Include Dr. Scheme for all platforms
DONE Include NiftyTelnet for Mac scp.
DONE Mention DropStuff on StuffIt page.
DONE Pointers to instructional documentation
DONE Note that StuffIt can unpack zip files
DONE Emacs file paren fix

1.0-Beta-2 Errata:

DONE Test it on the Mac -- make sure the filenames work for the mac.
DONE Document new TeraTerm installer (ttssh-install2.exe).
DONE Making GJDB work under windows NT -- something wrong with -Xbootclasspath
DONE New picture.scm from 61a/lib
DONE Include putty for 61a
DONE Remove dependency on /bin/ksh for STk rpm.
DONE Foolproof TeraTerm installer. This is in development.
DONE Installation instructions for cs61a .emacs file
DONE Zip file full of cs61a/lib and cs61a/lectures stuff
DONE Copy of the cs61a .emacs file
DONE Include warnings that C: is the drive for emacs
DONE Include netscape for linux
DONE Clarify ghostscript installation that you need to RUN the installer for ghostscript after loading it off the CD
DONE Links to ZIP tools should say that WinZip will work too
DONE Include Mac Emacs fonts. (See the README)
DONE Make the file name match the link name on the rpm for STk.

1.0-Beta-1 Errata:

DONE Make link from windows/spim page to spim archive file.
DONE Make link from windows/stk page to stk archive file.
DONE Make -> arrows (Start->Programs->...) into slashes (Start/Programs/) because > doesn't work reliably in HTML.
DONE Fix the bogus HTML paragraph tag at the start of source/ssh.
DONE Make link from mac/c-compiler to MPW-GM.img file.
DONE Edit description of MacGambit to read "UCB's scheme distribution" instead of "UCB's scheme".
DONE Put StuffIt Expander on the CD.
DONE Put Acrobat Reader on the CD.
DONE Link to the 61B java_classes folder from the cs61b page.
DONE Right-click on Linux RPM links to save the link/download the file.
DONE STk package for RedHat fails to find slibcat.
DONE Change "Back up one level" to "Go up one level".
DONE Make windows/jdk download link more obvious.
DONE Instructions on building SPIM link should point to SPIM page, not Scheme page

2.0 Errata:

DONE Fix broken "PuTTY FAQ" page (commented out missing style sheet) referenced from ./inst-cd/classes/cs61a/index.html
DONE Fix broken "STk" link on ./inst-cd/windows/oldscheme/index.html
DONE Update X tunneling and F-Secure SSH info in ./inst-cd/mac/ssh/index.html

2.1 Errata:

DONE Update modeler.stk with Jul 24, 2002 version from Clint Ryan (kevinm)
DONE Update pp.stk with Jul 23, 2002 version from Mike Clancy (kevinm)
DONE Update with a version that has paths that work in Windows 9x (ajani)

2.2 Errata:

DONE Update : There are now seperate modelers for cs3 and cs3s, called cs3-modeler and cs3s-modeler as requested by Mike Clancy.
DONE Update: STk now has class scripts used based on the class (stk-cs3, stk-cs3s, stk-cs61a, stk-9d) as requested by Mike Clancy.
DONE Mac STk setup now has a .tar.gz file. This will provide students with an alternative to .dmg as students had trouble with it in the past.

3.0 Errata:

  Would it be possible to launch stk within emacs for Windows?
DONE Test existing precompiled binary for 'spim' on Win2K using a CS61C spim program; it works (jacob)
DONE Test existing precompiled 'spim' binary on MacOS 10.2 using a CS61C spim program; it works (jacob)
DONE Create new precompiled 'stk' binary on Win 98/2K/XP using updates from Prof Hilfinger (willchu)
DONE Create new precompiled 'stk' binary on Solaris SPARC and X86 using updates from Prof Hilfinger
DONE Create new precompiled 'stk' binary on Linux using updates from Prof Hilfinger
DONE Create new precompiled 'stk' binary on MacOS using updates from Prof Hilfinger

4.0 Errata:

DONE Removed MacGzip, MacPerl, SSH, stuffit, and emacs software for Mac
DONE Installation scripts for STk use now use bourne shell instead of K Shell
DONE Update GIMP to removed multi-line strings for compiling with gcc 3.3

5.0 Errata:

DONE Removed cs3-modeler.stk and cs3s-modeler.stk. The logic is now in a file called which-modeler.scm
DONE Replaced DrScheme references to Rice University with (kevinm, 02/22/05)
DONE changed obj.scm line 30 to add spaces to error "No method " message, as per Brian Harvey (kevinm, 01/23/06)