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EECS Course sites on bCourses

Searches bCourses for EECS WEB sites and lists them below.
Calnet login may be required to access the sites.

bCourses is the campus learning management system. The instructor of record can login there to create a site for a course. Access to the sites is generally restricted to the students who are enrolled, and to others who are authorized by the instructor.   However, the instructor also can set the Syllabus page to be an introductory public page on the course site.   A link to the public page will automatically be added to the course description on the EECS department WEB pages: The department encourages this so that the course information and history is freely accessible to past and potential students.

Current instructors may be able to get access to previous semesters by being added to the site members by the previous instructor,, or

How to make the Syllabus public:

* A single course visibility setting controls all the modules (only the Syllabus can be given a different setting). If you set the entire course to "public", it allows read access to Home, Assignments, Files, Modules, Pages, practice quizzes, some aspects of Discussions, and Syllabus. "Institution" is the same, except it's only for Calnet logins (but you could still make the Syllabus public). There is a table showing how each module is affected by the visibility settings, at Canvas Course Visibility Options.

Canvas (bCourses) docs:

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  2. finding (un)published courses with Excel
  3. How do I customize visibility options for a course?
  4. How do I customize visibility options for course content?
  5. Canvas Course Visibility Options

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