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Test Your CalNetID

This site allows you to verify that you are using the correct
CalNet ID (your ID number or user name) and passphrase.

Calnet-authenticated sites under http://inst.eecs comments for WEB site developers
The CGI manages the CAS session via the authCAS Perl module; you must code this into the CGI program; the Calnet logout button works:

The WEB server manages the CAS session via the mod-auth-cas Apache module; you avoid session management in the CGI program, but the Calnet logout button doesn't work. (See mod_auth_cas/README, line 116+.) Calnet sessions via mod-auth-cas time out in 30 minutes (on our server).
You can filter these out during authorization by checking for the berkeleyEduTestIDFlag attribute

kevinm@eecs.berkeley.edu   (thanks, Mickey!)
(Updated to CAS Dec 2008, to AuthCAS Nov 2014, to mod_auth_cas Aug 2015, to CAS 4.1 Feb 2016)