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EECS Instructional Support, University of California at Berkeley
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Tools for Grading

  • http://bearfacts.berkeley.edu
  • instructor can delegate data entry to TAs
  • data is stored on the site
  • data upload from Excel
  • students cannot see their grades
  • instructor must validate actual submission to the Registrar
    Grade Book:  
  • http://bspace.berkeley.edu
  • instructor can delegate data entry to TAs
  • enrollment lists are updated automatically from the Registrar
  • students can see their own grades
  • minimal rules and reporting features (less that in the pilot)
  • more extensible than the pilot, perhaps custom rules can be added
  • not yet linked to Assignment tool or e-Grades, no data upload
  • http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/pub/grading.help
  • instructor can delegate data entry to TAs
  • based on student UNIX logins ('register')
  • on-line assignment submission & reports ('submit', 'glookup')
  • developed by Prof Hilfinger for CS Lower Division classes
  • custom rules for group projects and for computing grades
  • batch autograding of assignments
  • available only as UNIX command-line programs