WEB Courseware
EECS Instructional Support, University of California at Berkeley
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Tools for Publishing Content

Links to other sites:  
  • bSpace
  • CourseWEB
  • EECS Inst
    Display other sites:  
  • bSpace (via the Web Content & RSS Feed tools)
  • EECS Inst (via an HTML frame)
  • bSpace (Syllabus & Presentation tools, upload PDF, HTML etc)
  • CourseWEB (upload a syllabus file)
  • EECS Inst
    Dynamic Content:  
  • bSpace (Wiki)
  • EECS Inst (CGI, PHP, mySQL, Javascript, Wiki, blog, etc)
  • bSpace (entire site)
  • EECS Inst (selectively)
    Preserving Content:  
  • bSpace (previous semester content can be retained)
  • EECS Inst (prior semesters are available on-line)