NTU 6341 / EECS 141

Digital Integrated Circuits

Fall 2007 Software

Accessing HSPICE from Berkeley:

You will need the "ssh" command to login to our UNIX systems (UNIX computers usually have "ssh"). Download SSH for free from http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/download-ssh.html.

You will also see some help references when you login. Available servers: {cory, quasar, pulsar, cs199}.eecs.berkeley.edu.

HSPICE can be run from the command line, and results are available in table (text) format. In this mode, you can generate your graphs and do post-processing from your software of choice (Matlab, Excel, etc).

If you want to view the waveforms using the HSPICE “awaves” package, you need an X-Window manager. This is straightforward in UNIX systems but not installed in Microsoft Windows.

Alternatives if you do not have an X-Window Manager in your Microsoft Windows environment:

· Register at http://connectivity.hummingbird.com/products/nc/resources.html and download the 30-day free evaluation copy of “Exceed”

· Purchase it from http://www.dcsi.com/Hummingbird.asp (about $390)

· Ask your sponsoring program to purchase it

· Run Linux or MacOSX (which have X-Windows) instead of Microsoft Windows

· On Windows, install Cygwin/X (free from http://www.cygwin.com/xfree/)

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