EECS Instructional Support, University of California at Berkeley

EECS Instructional Computer Accounts
End of Semester - Summer 2018

Cardkeys expire Friday Aug 10 at 11:59pm

EECS Summer Session class accounts
and EECS Microsoft Imagine accounts
expire Monday Aug 13 at 9am

Frequently asked:

  1. Can I copy files from my account?
    (Copy to your computer using scp, a USB flash drive or Google Drive.   See

  2. When will the labs close?
    (open during weekday business hours, cardkeys expire Aug 10)

  3. What happens to the files in my expired class account?
    (archived and deleted after Aug 15)

  4. What happens to email sent to my expired account @imail?
    (bounces or is received by a new user next semester)

  5. How to I get a more permanent account?
        EECS Instructional Support (ISG)
        378 & 386 Cory, 333 Soda
        August 2018