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  • There will be a Cognitive Computing conference at UC Berkeley this Wednesday and Thursday. You can view the agenda [PDF] to determine what talks look interesting. You are not required to go to any of them, but we think you might find some of them interesting. Some of the top researchers in the field will be there.
  • There has been new information and debate on the topic of universal grammars. See some information about it here.
  • The old midterms are available here: 2005 2006
  • There will be a midterm review section in 2 Evans on Thursday, March 1 from 5-7pm. This will help you review for the midterm exam on Tuesday, March 6 in class.
  • Think you may've missed an annoucement? See the old announcements page.

Objective:To convey the state-of-the-art understanding of how the brain computes the mind, based on Dr. Feldman's book, From Molecule to Metaphor. For more detail, please visit its website.
Lecture:Tuesday and Thursday 2-3:30pm, 390 Hearst Mining Building
Discussion Sections: 101 - Wednesday 10-11am 4 Evans
104 - Wednesday 4-5pm, 4 Evans
Instructor:Jerome Feldman
Office:739 Soda
Office hours: Monday and Thursday, 1-2pm
TA:Leon Barrett l e o n |a| b a r r e t t n e x u s |.| c o m
Office:739 Soda
Office hours: Wednesday 11-12noon
Thursday 4-5pm