Picture Name
student pic Avik Das
Undergrad, EECS/Math
I'm a fourth-year who's going into the industry after graduation. I love playing around with new technologies, and learning new techniques. For me, having a good grasp of the fundamentals of whatever I do is very important, because fads come and go, but problem solving requires a more general skill set.
student pic Juan Miguel de Joya
Undergraduate, Computer Science
I'm interested in pursuing an education in graphics. Outside of academics, I enjoy movies, comic books, scuba diving, good food, and trying out new things. For more information please check my website.
student pic Yongjin Jin
Hi, I am an undergrad in EECS interested in graphics. I hope to go into the game development industry and make amazing looking games. I also hope to minor in either creative writing and/or Japanese! Nice to meet you all.
student pic Huyson Lam
Undergraduate EECS - 4th year
Graphics makes me happy.
student pic Yeon Jin (Grace) Lee
Undergraduate in EECS
I know exactly what I think about this, but I can never finds words to put it in. Maybe if I get a little drunk I could dance it for you.
student pic Jaclyn Louie
Undergraduate in EECS
I am a 4th year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major focusing on computer graphics with a Practice of Art minor. When I am not programming for some class or doing homework, I am working on improving my digital animation skills, and making traditional art. For digital animation, I am currently concentrating on making my animations look more realistic. Besides working on projects, I am practicing Taekwondo, Kendo, and Archery.
student pic Soham Uday Mehta
Graduate in CS
Prof. Ravi Ramamoorthi is my advisor. I am currently working on fast filtering for ambient occlusion. My undergraduate major was in EE.
student pic James Muerle
Undergrad in EECS
I love playing sports, especially soccer. At Berkeley I have played intramural soccer every semester I've been here except the first. Game programming is another one of my passions. I have programmed a couple things alone like network risk, and a simple TCG, but I'm open to having a programming partner to help with that. I look forward to learning a lot in this graphics class; I know it will be awesome!
student pic Martin Ortega
undergrad EECS
I'm a senior in EECS. I like basketball and my favorite team is the Sacramento Kings!
student pic Armin Samii
Grad in Computer Science
I work on remeshing techniques for cloth simulation, photograph aesthetic enhancement techniques in computational photography, and professional blurb-writing for graduate-level coursework.
student pic Brandon Wang
3rd Year Undergraduate EECS
I like to make pretty pictures.
student pic Nancy Wang
undergrad in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
My favorite animals are penguins and cats (the little ones are just so fluffy and adorable). During my free time, I enjoy reading manga, playing the piano, and playing video games such as Halo: Reach. Things I am looking forward to this year: graduating and getting a job, and the premieres of the Avengers movie and Avatar: Legend of Korra. I am very interested in Computer Graphics and aim for a career in computer animations for companies such as Pixar or Dreamworks. Would like to work on developing and improving my modeling and special effects skills.
student pic Jeremy Williams
Undergraduate in EECS
I'm a fourth-year undergraduate interested in graphics.
student pic Dai Bui
Grad in EECS
I am a grad student in EECS working on streaming languages and parallel processing. I am also interested in doing cool things like graphics and image manipulation.