Attention Students !

Please keep the following in mind for this seminar:

The seminar is open only to freshmen. Enrollment is subject to permission of the instructor (even if already admitted by Telebears).

Although this seminar is offered through the Computer Science Division, the focus of this seminar is not computer science. The focus of this seminar is photography, and it is not limited to digital photography but embraces also film photography.

This seminar is not a basic introduction to photography, but is intended for students who already have a background in photography. Students should have experience using a camera that allows the user to manually control exposure and focus, and that either has interchangeable lenses of different focal lengths or has a zoom lens. Students must have such a camera to complete the course assignments. Ideally, students should have access to both a film camera and a digital camera. It is helpful, but not essential, for students to have an interest in science (at least chemistry and physics).

Class assignments are based on color slides, prints, and digital images. Although print film assignments are welcome, the darkroom facilities are outside the control of the class.

Student work is critiqued in class. Attendance at all classes and other course-related activities is required as well as active participation are required to receive a "pass" grade, except for prior arrangement with the instructor or documented emergencies.

* Committee on Educational Policy states that faculty may decline to enroll students in a class who cannot be present at all scheduled activities.

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