CS61A Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Summer 2013

Meet the Staff

Contact the entire staff (both instructors and TAs): cs61a@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu

Contact only the TAs: cs61a-ta@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu


Steven Tang Photo

Steven Tang

Email: steventang@berdeletekeley.edu

Eric Tzeng Photo

Eric Tzeng

Email: eric.tzeng@berdeletekeley.edu

Teaching Assistants

Rohan Chitnis Photo

Rohan Chitnis

Email: cs61a-tb

Leonard Truong Photo

Leonard Truong

Email: cs61a-tc

Robert Huang Photo

Robert Huang

Email: cs61a-td

Albert Wu Photo

Albert Wu

Email: cs61a-te

Andrew Huang Photo

Andrew Huang

Email: cs61a-tf

Mark Miyashita Photo

Mark Miyashita

Email: cs61a-tg

Jeffrey Lu Photo

Jeffrey Lu

Email: cs61a-th

Brian Hou Photo

Brian Hou

Email: cs61a-ti


Jimmy Lee Photo

Jimmy Lee

Email: cs61a-rb

Sam Kim Photo

Sam Kim

Email: cs61a-rc

Dickson Tsai Photo

Dickson Tsai

Email: cs61a-rd

Marvin Zhang Photo

Marvin Zhang

Email: cs61a-re

Max Wolffe Photo

Max Wolffe

Email: cs61a-rf

Brandon Maushund Photo

Brandon Maushund

Email: cs61a-rg

Rita Tuan Photo

Rita Tuan

Email: cs61a-rh

Aleksandrina Stoyanova Photo

Aleksandrina Stoyanova

Email: cs61a-ri

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