CS61B: Data Structures and Advanced Programming

Fall 2008, 120 Latimer MWF 1:00-2:00PM

Instructor: Prof. Paul Hilfinger

Important Information About Prerequisites

The paper and on-line versions of the catalog incorrectly state that you must have received at least a B- in CS61A to take CS61B. This information has been incorrect for a number of semesters, but bureaucratic snafus have apparently prevented its correction. Again, there is no minimum-grade prerequisite for CS61B.

Account Administration (Grades, Registration, SSH keys, etc.)
General Course Information About the Staff
Lecture notes Labs and Homework
Newsgroups (also: off-campus access) Frequently Asked Questions
Java Library Documentation (also: no frames) Emacs Quick Guide
Documentation on Subversion, Emacs, etc. Reference Material on Java (see also corrections to the paper version).
Data Structures (Into Java) UCB Package Documentation
List of instructional login servers Thomas's web page
Some project style guidelines A collection of bad Java practices
Lecture Webcasts. Berkeley Programming Contests


Various Information

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