CS 61B Data Structures, Fall 2016
Instructor: Paul Hilfinger
Lecture: MWF 3-4 PM, Dwinelle 155
Contact Us
Contact all the staff (instructor and TAs): cs61b@inst.eecs.berkeley.edu
Hilfinger (at) berkeley.edu
Feel free to drop by whenever my office is open and I am not singing in a language other than English.
Teaching Assistants
Bhuvana Bellala
bbella1 (at) berkeley.edu
Hey guys! I am a first grad student in the School of Information. My favorite fruits are blueberries and my spirit animal is a turtle. I like to think I am sassy but my best friend tell me I should stop trying. Excited to be tutoring and to meet you all!
Kaylee Burns
kayleeburns (at) berkeley.edu
Hey there! I’m a third year computer science and cognitive science major. Outside of class, you can find me dancing and dogspotting. Hope you enjoy the course!
Antares Chen
antaresc (at) berkeley.edu
My name is Antares and I'm a second year CS, pure math student. I'm interested in machine learning and theory and on my downtime I enjoy cooking and watching House of Cards. Sometimes when I'm alone, I like to fill my bathtub with marinara sauce and pretend I'm a noodle.
Aidan Clark
aidan.b.clark (at) gmail.com
Hello all! I'm a rising Senior, triple majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics and Classical Languages. I'm mainly interested in Machine Learning and NLP, but I've experimented a little in Computational Linguistics as well. I'm also a big fan of movies and politics, and love discussing random things. I'd be happy to talk with any of you about anything!
Ching Fang
chingfang17 (at) berkeley.edu
Hello, my name is Ching and I'm a third year majoring in CS and Molecular & Cell Biology. I love running, climbing, and discussing Trader Joe's. Talk to me about CS and produce!
Colby Guan
colbyguan (at) berkeley.edu
Hi there, I'm a fourth-year wandering around the Computer Science major where systems and app development have caught my interest. In my spare time I am playing Ogrewatch, splurging on food, and blasting songs in the musical genre of electronic dance. I also enjoy long sits on the beach and hope to one day BASE jump onto a rooftop pool party.
Alexander Hwang
a.hwang (at) berkeley.edu
Hey! Call me Alex. I enjoy introspecting, listening to people, reading/watching/creating good stories, solving puzzles, taking transit to random places, and exploring new artists and songs on Spotify. Ever since I was a child, one of my biggest dreams has been to have the ability to fly, but some form of telekinesis or teleportation would be cool as well. You'll often find me wearing a straw hat. Say hello if you see me around! I'll probably recognize you, but perhaps not by name.
Maurice Lee
mglee72 (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! I'm a third year CS major and I am interested in a lot of things (but not necessarily good at): learning new things, web development, embedded software development, iOS/Android app development, machine learning, playing guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone. However, my secret passion lies with Chipotle burritos and old school music (Earth, Wind & Fire anybody?). Nice to meet you all :)
Matthew Mussomele
mmussomele (at) berkeley.edu
Hello everyone, I'm Matt, a second year EECS major from Maryland. I like a lot of things, from eating to sleeping to exercise to video games and beyond, but most of all, I love Computer Science! I'm really excited for this coming semester; CS61B was and still is my favorite class I've taken and I hope you find it as fun as I did!
Daniel Nguyen
dnguyen44 (at) berkeley.edu
Hey everyone! I'm Daniel. I'm a fourth year triple major in CS, Linguistics and Japanese with a Korean minor. My main focus in CS is in optimization and machine learning. When I'm not teaching, I love to listen to K-pop and to dance (always a great way to start a conversation with me). I'm excited to be able to spend another great semester teaching 61B and getting to know all of you!
Lisa Jian
lisajian (at) berkeley.edu
Heeellllllooooo friends! I'm a third year CS and Applied Math major. I love terrible jokes, making/eating/watching-endless-videos- about food, and running. So excited to meet all of you!!
Xinhe Ren
Greetings, Pepes~ I'm a 2nd year EECS major from Sugar Land, TX! I went to the same high school as KevJumba, Shaq O'Neal's daughter. In my free time, I like to browse dank memes and play eSport games: I'm currently deranking from LE in CS:GO due to school distractions, and I play League of Legends with housemates when we need to decide who will do the dishes or cut open the pineapples I purchased with my leftover meal points. If you find extra dank memes, holla me at ayylmao@berkeley.edu! If you are feelin' stressed, jus' know: You smart. You loyal. I appreciate you. Bless up. Another one.
Jared Rulison
Howdy! I'm a Senior EECS major interested in machine learning. I like to play guitar and sing, and am a devout Radiohead evangelist. Ask me about how great I am at Smash.
Daniel Sochor
dansochor (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! I'm a fourth-year Computer Science major from the Bay Area. I love all branches of computer science, but I'm especially interested in learning. In my free time, I like to run, swim, and set off fire alarms with my cooking. I'm also a political junkie, so I'm always happy to chat about the elections!
Albert Hu
al.hu (at) berkeley.edu
Hello friends! I'm a second year CS major from Los Angeles. CS61B was my favorite class out of the lower division CS courses so I'm back. In my spare time I enjoy practicing piano and playing League of Legends. I'm really excited about this class so let's #makeCS61B(still)great!! And yes, that is a Chinese buffalo in my picture.
Brian Lee
bribri1018 (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! I am a third year studying CS and Mathematics. I like to read books, watch movies, TV shows, and listen to music. Tale of Three Kingdoms, Usual Suspects, Friends, Rachmaninoff, Chopin are my favorites. I also enjoy fine dining, and my lifetime goal is to tour around the world and go to all Michelin Starred restaurants.
Christine Zhou
CAZHOU (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! My name is Christine and I'm a second year Computer Science major from the East Bay. I like chocolate, ice cream, and strawberries, and especially like all of those combined. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano, drums, and video games. I decided to become a CS major after taking 61B, so I look forward to tutoring and hope you enjoy 61B as much as I did!
Edmund Tian
edmund.tian (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! My name is Edmund, and I'm a 2nd year computer science major from Atlanta. When I'm not busy with school, I'm probably cooking, working on personal projects, hitting the gym, or hanging out at my frat. CS61B was my favorite class and I hope I can help make the experience as enjoyable for you guys as it was for me.
Emily Pedersen
epedersen (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! I'm Emily, a third year Computer Science and Cognitive Science major. I'm interested in artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology. I'm happy to talk about being CS squared, school, and life! I hope you enjoy this course.
Michael Dong
michaeldong (at) berkeley.edu
Hi everyone! I am a second year Computer Science and Applied Math major from the East Bay. I am interested in CS theory and artificial intelligence and in my free time, I enjoy learning how to cook and playing badminton. I look forward to meeting you all!
Steven Lin
stevenlin598 (at) berkeley.edu
Hi! I'm Steven. On my free time I like drinking lots of boba and pretending I am a cat. I am declared CS and CS61B was my favorite class. I look forward to meeting all of you!
Yejia Chen
cyejia (at) berkeley.edu
Hello! My name is Yejia and I'm a third-year computer science major. My favorite food is cheese, I make really good snickerdoodles, and I have a dog named Potato. Other than food, I like working out and learning languages (though I'm not very good at either). Hope y'all enjoy 61B as much as I did :)
Zisu Dong
j_dong1021 (at) berkeley.edu
Hi everyone! I’m Zisu. I'm a 2nd year computer science major. When I'm not busy with my classes, I’m either cooking or looking for good food. CS 61B was my favorite lower division class and I hope you all enjoy it!