EECS Courses

Here is information about curriculum, admissions and alternative forms of enrollment for EECS courses.

  • EECS Course Home Pages   (current and past course sites, hosted on EECS server)
  • EECS Course sites on bCourses  
  • Schedule of Courses   [lab schedules]   (locations, times)
  • WebCasts
  • Online EECS Grading Utilities
  • HKN Student Services   (tutoring, course surveys, prerequisites)
  • UCB Summer Sessions
  • UC Berkeley Extension [ Concurrent Enrollment ]
  • EECS Center for Student Affairs (academic & administrative assistance to visitors, students, faculty, staff)
  • Course Materials Support (scanning & copies for instructors; staff in 253 Cory:  eecs-course-support@eecs)
  • Graduate Admissions
  • Undergrad Admissions   [ EECS Prospective ]   [ EECS Programs ]   [ EECS Notes ]