Course Staff

The best way to contact the staff is through Piazza. If you need to contact the course staff via email, we can be reached at You may contact the professors or GSIs directly, but the staff list will produce the fastest response. All emails end with


Headshot of Anca Dragan

Anca Dragan

Email: anca@


Headshot of Wilson Yan

Wilson Yan

Head TA
Email: Admin cs188@, Personal wilson1.yan@
  • Hi everybody! I’m a fourth year CS and Applied Math major from the Bay Area. Aside from doing ML research, I enjoy reading, hiking, playing video games (Smash), and eating good food. Feel free to chat with me anytime, and I look forward to meeting you all!
Headshot of Alan Rosenthal

Alan Rosenthal

Email: amrosenthal@
  • Hi! I’m a fourth year CS and math major. Outside of class, I love cooking, playing and listening to classical music, and badminton!
Headshot of Albert Yu

Albert Yu

Email: albertyu@
  • My 9-year old brother wrote my bio for me: “I only let Jimmy eat peanuts I make. I live on Peanut Ave. I do peanut gardening. My friend is Jimmy. My PhD is farming.”
Headshot of Andreea Bobu

Andreea Bobu

Email: abobu@
  • Hi! I’m a third year PhD student working with Anca Dragan. My research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning, robotics, and human-robot interaction, with a focus on robot learning with uncertainty. In my free time, I play the guitar, do street photography, and do various outdoorsy activities.
Headshot of Andy Yan

Andy Yan

Email: yan.andy4@
  • Hi, I’m a 5th year masters student in CS. My research focuses on multi-task learning and robotics. Outside of school I love listening to all sorts of music and eating / spending time with friends. Hope you guys enjoy the semester :).
Headshot of Carl Qi

Carl Qi

Email: daguqihanwen@
  • Hello friends! I’m a 3rd-year undergrad student majoring in cs and math. In my free time, I like to play the guitar, go workout, and watch Dude Perfect. Looking forward to a fun semester!
Headshot of Cathy Li

Cathy Li

Email: cathy_li@
  • Hey! I’m a junior focusing on AI and ML, currently doing Computer Vision research under Prof. Gonzalez. In addition to CS, I’m broadly interested in cognition, psychology and linguistics. In my free time, I try to practice my really elementary Swedish.
Headshot of Chandan Singh

Chandan Singh

Email: chandan_singh@
  • I’m a 3rd-year EECS PhD student studying interpretable machine learning advised by Prof. Bin Yu
Headshot of Danny Geitheim

Danny Geitheim

Email: dgeitheim@
  • I’m a fourth year student, originally from Marin County, CA. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis and basketball, as well as watching movies. I’m also a part of Camp Kesem here at Cal. In the past I was a TA for EE120 but now I look forward to being a TA for CS188!
Headshot of Emma Jaeger

Emma Jaeger

Email: emmajaeger@
  • Hi everyone! I’m Emma and I’m a senior from the DC area studying computer science. In my free time, I love going to concerts and working out⁠ (even though I’m naturally super uncoordinated). Feel free to email me with any questions you have about artificial intelligence, CS at Berkeley, or life in general—I’m always happy to help out however I can :)
Headshot of Gokul Swamy

Gokul Swamy

Email: gokul.swamy@
  • Hey there! I’m a 4th Yr. M.S. student working with Profs. Dragan and Levine on making interaction between people and robots more intuitive and scalable. In my free time I like to read, listen to music, drink boba, and pet my friends’ cats. I’m so excited you’re here :)
Headshot of Henry Zhu

Henry Zhu

Email: henryzhu@
  • I’m a senior(!) studying computers and mechanics who likes to play with learning robots out of the classroom. Come find me to talk about food videos, really cool classes, how to also start playing with robots, or really anything other than sports.
Headshot of Jesse Zhang

Jesse Zhang

Email: jessezhang@
  • I’m a 4th year CS student from Sacramento, CA, interested in deep reinforcement learning and machine learning generalization research. In my spare time I like playing smash, going to the gym, and recently just started BJJ!
Headshot of Jinkyu Kim

Jinkyu Kim

  • I am a fourth-year graduate student, pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science advised by Prof. John Canny. As a member of Berkeley Deep Drive and Berkeley AI Research Lab, I am currently interested in self-driving vehicles.
Headshot of Lawrence Chan

Lawrence Chan

Email: chanlaw@
  • Hello! I’m a second year PhD Student working on building algorithms that can better infer and assist with human preferences. In my free time, I enjoy reading and hiking.
Headshot of Lindsay Yang

Lindsay Yang

Email: lindsay.yang@
  • Hi! I’m a fourth year CS/Cog Sci major, and a big part of my life at this point is how much I like boba, memes, and Bojack Horseman. I’m also the janitor of UPE, and you’ll probably catch me karaokeing my heart out one of these days.
Headshot of Mike Laielli

Mike Laielli

Email: laielli@
  • I’m a 3rd year PhD student working with Trevor Darrell and Bjoern Hartmann. My research focuses on the intersection of Computer Vision and Human-Computer Interaction.
Headshot of Peyrin Kao

Peyrin Kao

Email: peyrin@
  • Hi, I’m a third-year CS major and second-time TA. I no longer have any free time because I’m taking EE126 and doing research on inverse reinforcement learning with Prof. Dragan. I hope you have a better time this semester than me. he/him.
Headshot of Rachel Li

Rachel Li

Email: rachel_li@
  • Hey everyone! I’m a 5th year masters student from Virginia. My academic interests include networking, theory, and AI! In my nonexistent free time, I like to draw, play Clash Royale, and watch Netflix.
Headshot of Ryan Deng

Ryan Deng

Email: rdeng2614@
  • Hi! I’m a rising 4th year CS major from Irvine, California. In my free time I like to watch lots of TV and play pickup basketball. I hope you all enjoy 188 this semester!
Headshot of Sherman Luo

Sherman Luo

Email: shermanluo@
  • Nice to meet you, I’m Sherman. AI is super cool, and first became curious about it years ago when computer-controlled characters would whoop me in games like Super Smash Bros Melee or Mario Kart. I’m working with Prof. Dragan as a fourth-year masters and imo CS188 is the greatest class of all time, but your mileage may vary :^) Catch me sometime and let’s talk about something totally random.
Headshot of Shizhan Zhu

Shizhan Zhu

Email: shizhan_zhu@
  • Hello everyone! I am a third year PhD from BAIR lab. I am happy to join the CS 188 stuff team. My research interest lies in the area of computer vision and machine learning. I am looking forward to the experience communicating with everyone during the semester on CS 188!
Headshot of Xiaocheng Mesut Yang

Xiaocheng Mesut Yang

Email: xiaocheng.yang@
  • Hello everyone! I am a fourth year CS major. I TA’d CS188 in Summer 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019 (Head TA), and I am happy to rejoin this semester. My interest lies in the intersection of computer vision and reinforcement learning. In my free time, I travel to race radio-controlled vehicles at national and international events. Feel free to come talk to me, about anything!