Christopher Hunn

Hi! For the past five years — and until recently — I was in charge of the L&S CS major while advising our CS students. I first became officially involved with CS 370 two years ago when I became the official instructor as the new Director of Undergraduate Instruction. Though I've only been a lecturer for a few years, I've held many roles at Cal: undergrad & grad student, GSI, researcher, staff, and lecturer. While I took CS coursework as an undergrad here, my grad work and training has been heavily focused on STEM teaching and educational equity. Prior to working at Cal, I taught AP / IB biology, physiology, and biotech. This led to running a STEM-focused California Partnership Academy. Now I’m excited to improve our undergraduates' educational experience by supporting, teaching, and evaluating our future TA's — such as yourself!

Andrew Phuong
Head GSI

Andrew Estrada Phuong is a Chancellor’s Fellow, consultant, and program developer. He has a master's degree from Harvard and his mixed-methods research includes experimental designs and randomized control trials. Phuong studies how adaptive equity-oriented pedagogies and faculty development strategies reduce stereotype threat and enhance students’ academic achievement, growth mindsets, and psychosocial outcomes (e.g., motivation, self-efficacy, sense of belonging, inclusion, etc.). He has published his research and mobilizes it to lead pedagogy courses, professional teaching communities, student success programs, diversity initiatives, and pedagogical and professional trainings.

Phuong has consulted with administrators, faculty developers, faculty, graduate and undergraduate instructors, teaching staff, businesses, post-docs, and K-16 teachers. He has taught over 10 courses at UCB and has conducted design-based-implementation research on 3000+ students and instructors in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and STEM. He has published and presented his work at conferences, symposia, and colloquia both domestically and internationally.

Phuong has also designed and implemented a student success program that helped improve first-generation students' transition to Berkeley and psychosocial outcomes (e.g., resilience, persistence, sense of self-efficacy, and sense of belonging). He has collaborated with Cal’s Educational Opportunity Program, Apple, and several organizations to provide support with academics, mental health, and professional development.

Here is more information about Phuong's research.

Kate Sanders

Hi, I'm Kate! I'm a junior computer science major from the Bay Area with an interest in artificial intelligence and technology ethics. I have GSI'd for CS 61A and CS 189 in the past and have enjoyed tutoring for/helping out with CS 370 and mentoring for CSM. The EECS teaching community here is one of my favorite things about Cal, so I'm super excited to work with all of you wonderful people taking 370! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to talk. I'm also handling technology for the class, so you can bring issues regarding the website/hour tracker/etc. to me. Looking forward to a great semester 🌻