CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Fall, 2007

Instructor: Brian Harvey

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  • Final exams
    Final exams from fall 2007 may be examined at the office of Alexandra Falchi, 385 Soda, during office hours (8-12, 1-4).
  • MapReduce
    A local version of mapreduce is now available at ~cs61a/lib/localmr.scm.
    Also, the solutions for MapReduce have been updated; in particular, errors in 2a and 2c have been corrected.
  • MapReduce working normally
    Mapreduce is now working normally on icluster1: you can run it by just typing "stk" as usual.
  • Final exam office hours
    This list will be updated, so keep an eye out!
    • Albert: Friday, 3-6pm, in 310 Soda.
    • Ramesh: Sunday, 1-4pm in lab (C50 HFA).
    • Evan: Sunday, 3-6pm in lab (C50 HFA).
  • Running MapReduce
    To run MapReduce on the icluster, you'll need to start STk by saying /scratch/rameshs/stk/bin/stk-hadoop until the instructional people fix the accounts. Sorry!
    This has been fixed; see the announcement above.
  • Final exam:
    The final exam will be Tues 12/18, 5-8pm, 230 Hearst Gym.
  • MapReduce bug reporting
    If you find a bug or bad error message in MapReduce, please email Ramesh at cs61a-te@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu so we can find and fix them all for next time. Be sure to include the code that caused the error, and if possible the URL that mapreduce printed out when you typed it in. Thanks!
  • Grading complaint deadlines

    Here are the grading deadlines, and grading complaint deadlines, for the rest of the semester:

    assignment              grades online           complaint deadline
    ----------              -------------           ------------------
    MT1-3                   now                     Fri 12/7
    HW1-13                  Mon 12/3                Fri 12/7
    PROJ1-3                 Mon 12/3                Fri 12/7
    PROJ4A                  Wed 12/5                Wed 12/12
    HW14                    Mon 12/10               Mon 12/17
    PROJ4B                  Wed 12/12               Tue 12/18
    HW15                    Wed 12/12               Tue 12/18

    All deadlines are at 5pm.

  • MapReduce update
    The MapReduce system has been updated. Now, you may use the random procedure to generate random numbers. Additionally, the sample email file has been fixed and made smaller. The MapReduce notes have been updated accordingly.
  • Read Therac-25 article in reader before Friday. The order of lectures is being rearranged a little; Friday 11/16 is Therac, Mon 11/19 is mapreduce, and Wed 11/21 is analyzing evaluator.
  • Midterm 3 logistics - NEW LOCATION!
    Midterm 3 will be held on Wednesday, November 14 from 7-9pm in 2050 VLSB. Note the changed location!
    Extra office hours:
    • Jerry: Friday, 9:30-11am in 511 Soda.
    • Sonesh: Friday, 11:30-1:30pm in lab (C50 HFA).
    • Sergiu: Saturday, 10-12pm in lab (C50 HFA).
    • Michael: Sunday, 11-1pm in lab (C50 HFA).
    • Albert: Sunday, 12-1:30pm in lab (C50 HFA).
    • Evan: Sunday, 1-3pm in lab (C50 HFA).
    • Rabin: Tuesday, 9-11am in lab (C50 HFA).
    • Ramesh: Tuesday, 5-7pm in lab (C50 HFA).
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