CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Fall, 2009

Instructor: Brian Harvey

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  • The solutions for the final have been posted; log in with your class account to see them.
  • Final scores are up! If there's anything missing, please contact the staff as soon as possible. Have a great break!
  • Reminder: Your Final Exam is tomorrow, December 17th from 5-8PM in Pauley Ballroom (in the MLK Student Union building, upstairs from the Tully's). Good luck!
  • There will be a TA-offered review session on Sunday (12/13) from 2-4PM in 306 Soda, with a possibility of extra question time at the end.

    The review session will be mainly focused on the Spring 2004 final (available from HKN at http://hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu/files/exam/CS61A_sp04_f.pdf ) and the third practice final in the Vol II reader. It will help you more if you actually do some or most of these questions ahead of time, so you can ask specific questions of the TAs who will be there!

    Of course, we'll answer other questions that people bring as well. You can think of it as a "communal office hour", with multiple TAs and many students. The two practice exams are just to try to get people on the same page.
  • Final Exam Extra Office Hours Schedule:
    Note: Unless otherwise specified, no TA will be holding their regular weekly office hours.
    • Ahmed: Friday 12-2PM in 271 Soda
    • Jordy: Thursday 2-5PM in 271 Soda
    • Michael: Wednesday 2-3PM in 271 Soda
    • Stewart: Wednesday 12-2PM in 271 Soda
    • Jerry: Regular Weekly OH
  • Due to the recent server outage, we will be extending the deadline for proj4a, hw13, and proj4b by one day. The new project deadlines are 12PM on 11/24 and 12/1 for parts a and b, respectively.
  • MT3 Extra Office Hours Schedule:
    • Ahmed: Monday, 3-4PM, 6th Floor Soda Alcoves
    • Jordy: Monday, 1-2PM, 271 Soda; Tuesday, 2-3PM, 6th Floor Soda Alcoves
    • Justin: Sunday, 3-6PM, 271 Soda
    • Michael: Tuesday, 3-4PM, 6th Floor Soda Alcoves
  • Midterm 3 has been re-scheduled! Here's the new info:
    • Date/Time: 11/18 @ 7PM
    • Location: 1 Pimentel
  • MT2 Extra Office Hours Schedule:
    • Ahmed: Monday, 3-4PM, 6th Floor Soda Alcoves
    • Jordy: Tuesday, 2-3PM, 6/7th Floor Soda Alcoves
    • Justin: Sunday, 3-6PM, 271 Soda
    • George: Monday, 6:30-8:30PM, 271 Soda
    • Michael: Tuesday, 4-5PM, 611 Soda
  • Midterm 1 is graded! Be sure to check your grades on glookup.
  • MT1 Extra Office Hours Schedule:
    • Ahmed: Sunday, 1-3PM, 271 Soda
    • Jordy: Sunday, 2:30-4:30PM, 271 Soda
    • Justin: Sunday, 5-8PM, 271 Soda
    • George: Monday, 6:30-7:30PM, 271 Soda; Tuesday, 4-5PM, 611 Soda
    • Michael: Tuesday, 4-5PM, 611 Soda
    • Fares: Tuesday, 11:15-2PM, 711 Soda
  • Project 1 is due Monday at Noon! Remember to submit an electronic and paper copy!
  • Homework 1 is due Tuesday at Noon! Don't forget to submit an electronic AND paper copy. Paper copies go to the submission boxes in 283 Soda, each TA will have a box corresponding to their sections.
  • Welcome to CS 61A!

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