Office Hours

Office hours M - Th before 6 PM are located in 109 Morgan Hall (map). Office hours and events after 6 PM are located in Cory Hall (map). Sunday office hours will be held from 12 PM - 2 PM, in 411 Soda hall. Each calendar event below displays the exact room. We will be using an office hours queue which you can check before you come to office hours to see if it is crowded. Come with any assignment specific or general questions.

There will also be Friday office hours, in 400 Cory. Note they are conceptual office hours, which means we will not provide guidance on homework or projects, but you are encouraged to show up for extra help understanding any of the concepts covered in class. Feel free to bring in any questions you find confusing, as long as they are not taken from current assignments.

Online office hours are held every Monday from 11 AM - 2 PM. Sign up through the online office hours queue during those times.

UPE (the Computer Science honor society), HKN (the EECS honor society), and the College of Engineering all host drop-in tutoring.