CS61B: Data Structures and Advanced Programming

Fall 2009, 2060 VLSB MWF 1:00-2:00PM

Instructor: Prof. Paul Hilfinger

Important Information About Prerequisites

The paper and on-line versions of the catalog incorrectly state that you must have received at least a B- in CS61A to take CS61B. This information has been incorrect for a number of semesters, but bureaucratic snafus have apparently prevented its correction. Again, there is no minimum-grade prerequisite for CS61B.

Account Administration (Grades, Registration, etc.) General Course Information
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Lecture notes Labs and Homework
Newsgroups (also: off-campus access) Frequently Asked Questions
Java Library Documentation (also: no frames) Emacs Quick Guide
Tool Documentation: Subversion, Emacs, etc.) A Java Reference.
Data Structures (Into Java) UCB Package Documentation
List of instructional login servers
Some project style guidelines A collection of bad Java practices
Berkeley Programming Contests


Various Information

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