CS 61B Labs and Homework

Spring, 2006

Weekly Labs

At the moment, the password you are asked for to complete quizzes is still the code phrase you entered on registering. We plan to switch to your usual account password soon. Please watch this space.

Please report errors in the labs to your TA, or, if working from home, simply mail to cs61b@cs.berkeley.edu. Don't use the newsgroup to report errors in the assignment; we generally get email faster.


Directories containing code for homework solutions and lab projects are in the directory ~cs61b/public_html/hw/solutions. To see posted answers to lab quizzes and questions, use "answers" with an empty password as the login name for any lab quiz.

Programming Project Guidelines

We have prepared some useful stylistic guidelines for programming projects. Here is a sample project solution from a previous term, with its project handout. Things were a bit different then, so you'll find a Makefile and User-Manual that we are not asking for this time. Also, testing was "by hand", controlled from the makefile, rather than using JUnit.


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