John Wawrzynek

he/him | johnw@eecs.

Nicholas Weaver

he/him | nweaver@icsi.

Head TAs

Avinash Nandakumar

he/him | avinashnandakumar@

Hello everyone, I'm a 5th year EECS masters student from the small city of Camarillo in southern California, near Santa Barbara! This is my sixth semester teaching 61C and will be the head TA in charge of discussions, exam-reviews, and student relations, and could not be more excited. I am super social, love to be outdoors, and a huge sports fan. Come to my section and talk to me about anything!

Connor (Cece) McMahon

she/her | mcmahon@

Hi everyone! I'm a second year CS Master's student from Atlanta, Georgia. I spent the 1st year of my program online in Atlanta, so I'm very excited to be here in person this semester! Can't wait to meet everyone!

Jerry Xu

he/him | jerryxu@

I've got 99 problems, but 80 are cached by k8s-web-4 =.=

I occasionally add bugs to software/infra.

GregTech New Horizons is a magic mod for clicking circles.

Justin Yokota

he/him | jyokota@

Hi everyone! I'm Justin, a student in the Fifth-Year Master's program for CS, who graduated as a Math/CS double major last semester. This semester, I'll be the head TA primarily responsible for content (ex. homeworks, projects, exams). Outside of classes, I tend to solve puzzles and play board games. Good luck!


Aadith Srinivasan

he/him | aadiths2000@

I'm a senior studying EECS from San Jose, CA. I spend most of my free time playing /watching sports and watching TV shows and movies. Definitely feel free to reach out to me if you want advice or are feeling overwhelmed with the class (also if you want to just chat in general). Really excited to get to meet all of you!

Abel Yagubyan

he/him | abelyagubyan@

Hey everyone! I'm a Senior and I'm majoring in Computer Science and Applied Maths. Outside of 61C, I love playing football (aka soccer), playing video games, and visiting ghost towns in California. glhf ezez

Akshat Jain

he/him | akshatj@

Hi! My name is Akshat. I'm a third-year CS student. I like to make cool stuff and would love to share that passion with everyone! When I'm not doing that, I play too much Valorant :(

Alec James

he/him | alehero@

Segmentation Fault

Amit Narang

he/him | narang@

Hi! I'm a rising junior EECS student and this is my third time on course staff. I love the Knicks, my friends, and 61C.

Animesh Agrawal

he/him | animesha@

Hi! I'm Animesh.

Anjan Das

he/him | anjan.das.64@

Hey everyone! I'm Anjan and I'm a junior studying CS and Applied Math. This is my second semester teaching 61C, and I can say for a fact that it's the best class at Cal. In my free time, I enjoy napping and playing video games. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Arunan Thiviyanathan

he/him | arunant@

Howdy! I'm Arunan and I'm a Junior studying CS from Houston, Texas! This is my 2nd semester teaching 61C, so you won't be caching me slippin. When I'm not cranking the codes, I'm cheering on my hometown Rockets or running it down my friends' valorant games. I hope your just excited as I am for this semester!

Avi Garg

he/him | avigarg@

Hi, my name is Avi. I'm a senior studying Computer Science, Statistics, and Economics. I love to cook, make puzzles, and workout!

Ayush Sehgal

he/him | ayushs25@

Hey! I'm Ayush. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm a Senior studying CS and DS super interested in all things tech. In my free time I play the drums and watch DC/Marvel movies. I love the Weeknd and John Legend, so you will see me at their concerts in the Fall and Spring semesters. Trust me when I say Imm Thai is the best Thai restaurant in Berkeley.

Carolyn Duan

she/her | carolyn.duan@

excited to meet you all!


any/all | codabot@

For some reason units from this Computer Architecture course don't count toward my architecture degree. It also seems to have little to do with architecture in general. What exactly does a bridge with x86 arches look like?

Connor Lien

he/him | connorlien@

Hi everyone! I'm Connor, a third-year studying computer science. In my free time, I like to golf, eat good sushi, design video games, and make really bad jokes. I'm also a big fan of alt-rock-pop music (Against the Current!) and Yoshi! Excited to meet you all!

Cynthia Zhong

she/her | cynthia.zz@

Hi! I'm a fourth year studying linguistics and CS. In my free time, I enjoy playing jrpgs and doing translations. I look forward to meeting yall this fall!

Edwin Lim

he/him | edwinlim@

Hi all! I'm Edwin, and I'm a junior studying EECS. I'm super into computer architecture, and a fun fact about me is that sometimes I go to Chipotle so often that I will switch up which Chipotle I go to, so the staff don't think I'm weird.

Elizabeth John

she/her | bethkani@

I'm a junior who only discovered my love for computer science by chance during my first semester. I love the challenge of solving problems, just like puzzles, which I love to do! I also enjoy recording my own music, reading, and going for leisurely walks.

Ella Schwarz

she/her | schwarzem@

computer goes beep boop :3

Ivy Li

she/her |

i miss going to in person events for free dinner. why do i have to cook my own food and wash dishes.

James Dai

he/him | jamesmdai@

Hey everyone, I'm a rising junior from Houston, Texas, though now live in Boston:). Super hyped to teach 61C this semester. I love walking my dog, watching/making film, gyming, and hanging out with friends. Really excited to meet you all!

Jeff Chen

he/him | kevinisjeff@

Howdy folks, I'm a bay area native Senior that you can bribe with either money or sufficient quantities of boba.

Jero Wang

he/him | junyangw@

Hello! I'm Jero, a rising sophomore from Sacramento, California. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, hiking, and grabbing food. This is my first time teaching 61C and I'm looking forward to a great semester with y'all!

Jonathan Wang

he/him |

Ask me about sharks :eyes:

Kalea Chu

she/her | kaleachu@

hello 🍊 i'm a third year studying cs, and i'm into music, poems, and ui/ux. feel free to reach out for a chat!

Kenneth Lien

he/him | kennethlien@


Kevin Chang

he/him | kev.chang@

fresh off the heels of my hot girl summer to spread the gospel of C and computer architecture.

Max Banister

he/him | maxbanister@

5th year masters student studying computer architecture. Like computers, soccer, and music that sounds like white noise. Let me know if you need any life advice as well as 61C help

Peyrin Kao

he/him | peyrin@

You're probably here to check how my name is spelled.

Robin Chu

she/her | robinlilychu@

Hi! I'm a senior studying EECS from San Diego. I'm excited to meet everyone and hope you enjoy 61c!

Rohit Mittal

he/him | rohitmittal@

If CS61C is so good, why is there no CS61C 2?

Rosalie Fang

she/her | fyr2019@

Hi y'all! I'm an incoming junior studying CS and Econ. I love reading and cooking/eating, so if you have any book or restaurant recs hmu! A fun fact is I've watched the entire Lord of the Rings more than 20 times :)

Ryan Mei

he/him | ryanmei@

Computer architecture is cool but it's a RISCy business

Sambodh Mitra

he/him | sambodh.mitra@

What's up everyone! My name's Sambodh, and I'm a rising senior majoring in CS and English! Outside of burning too much money on every video game in existence (D: but also :D), I also love to swim — butterfly's the ride or die — read, and watch TV (Witcher & AoT wya).

Sav Bowerfind

they/them | savbowerfind@

Hi! I'm a senior majoring in CS and minoring in Global Poverty and Practice. I love to climb, cook, and code, and in my free time I make clothes, forage, and occasionally sleep. Send me pet pics, music recs, and recipes I should try!

Shreya Mohanty

she/her | shreyamohanty@

Hi, my name is Shreya, and this is my first semester on 61C course staff, so I'm really excited! I'm a senior studying CS and Business, and I'm super interested in Neuroscience as well. Outside of academics, I like weightlifting, yoga, reading, and photography, and I'm slowly but surely developing my art and cooking skills. Feel free to reach out to me for anything!

Sohum Datta

he/him | sohumdatta@

I'm a PhD candidate in CS, working on novel architectures for emerging applications.

Terrance Li

he/him | tyli@

Hello, I'm a rising junior from Seattle! When I'm not on the grind, you can catch me playing Valorant and League :)

Viansa Schmulbach

she/her | ansa@

Hi! I'm Ansa, a second year student studying EECS. When I'm not studying, I like to both create and play video games. Let me know if you have recommendations for easy plants to grow :)

Vron Vance

they/them | xiowaved@

Hi! I'm Vron. As a nontraditional student, I care a lot about making computer science and electrical engineering accessible to historically underserved students. I also really love cats and colored pens! If you find yourself lost or stuck this semester, feel free to reach out. I can get you connected to resources, or find other ways to support you. Good luck this semester!

William Li

he/him | williamlyh@

Hi! My name is Yuanhan Li and I am a Junior studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Yana Yarmolich

she/her | yanayar@

Hiya! I'm a senior majoring in CS from Oxford, UK. I like to cook pasta and eat pasta :)

Zephyr Barkan

they/them | zephyrbarkan@

coping with the pain of living by being a little silly


Aditya Prasad

he/him | aditya.prasad@

Hi everybody! I'm a third year EECS major from New Jersey, and I'm looking forward to a great semester! I love tacos and chicken wings, and enjoy playing basketball. I've been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsay and strumming the guitar (not particularly well). I hope you have a great time learning about computer architecture!

Ayah Abushama

she/her | ayah.shama@

I'm a junior studying CS & CogSci! I spend a lot of my free time watching movies, with friends and family, or embroidering. Excited to meet you all.

Cindy Lin

she/her | lindycin@

it's 61Complicated...

Efsane Soyer

she/her | efsanesoyer@

Hello everyone! I'm Efsane Soyer. I'm a junior majoring in EECS. I'm from Turkey. In the very little free time that I have due to classes and clubs, I love reading, binge-watching Netflix, listening music, and dance. Excited to teach 61C! Looking forward to meeting all of you :)

Eric Che

he/him | ericche@

I'm a second year CS major from Cupertino. I love playing clarinet, cooking, and rhythm games!

Eugene Kim

she/her | eg_kim@

Hey! I'm a senior majoring in CS

Janise Liang

she/her | janise@

hi! i'm a junior studying cs and applied math. i like to play tennis and soccer and really like to procrastinate and make food when i'm stressed out

Kai Xu

he/him | k.px@

Hi I'm Kai, and I'm a second year cs + chemistry major. Funny thing about problem takes quite a bit of common sense.

Kushal Khangaonkar

he/him | kushaltk@

Hi everyone, my name is Kushal and I'm a 3rd year EECS student. I play on the Cal Ultimate Frisbee team, where we routinely spank Stanford but lose to Cal Poly :( I am also into saxophone and music production, and love listening to all kinds of music so would love to hear recommendations. This is my first time being a 61C Tutor and I look forward to helping y'all in any capacity I can!

Oliver Puffer

he/him | pufferoliver@

Hello, my name is Oliver, and I am a Senior studying Computer Science. When I am not studying, I am usually teaching, playing video games, or working on something cool. 61C is a really fun class to teach, and I look forward to interacting with you all.

Peter Trost

him/his | peter.trost@

Program in C Pointers, assembly Manage your memory With malloc and free...

Scott Durand

he/him | sdurand543@

Hey. My name is Scott and I am super hyped for this semester!

Shayan Islam

he/him | smislam1@

Hey everyone! I'm a fourth-year computer science major from Arizona. The past two semesters, I have been an AI for 61C, so I am familiar with the online shenanigans, but this is my first semester teaching 61C in-person. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Shaylan Dias

he/him | shaylandias@

Hi I'm a 3rd year EECS student from the bay! I love hiking, swimming, and lifting and am trying to learn photography. I loved 61C because it really opened my eyes to what actually happens when you write code and I'm excited to help teaching it!

Stella Wan

she/her | stella.wan@


Academic Interns

Brian Park

he/him | briancpark@

Hello World! I'm a senior studying CS, interested and researching in parallel computing to speed up machine learning. 61C was one of my favorite classes because it not only taught me how a computer works, but also taught me how to become a better software developer! Hope to see yall in person!

Fannie Barskhian

she/her | fanniebarskhian@

Hello Everyone! I am a Senior Computer Science Major here at Berkeley but currently live in Burbank. I work with the radiation effects group at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and find great interest in rad hard microelectronics for space applications. I also find great interest in blockchain applications for space mining resource allocation and beyond. On my free time I like to travel to indigenous corners of the world, weight lift, snowboard, code and learn new things.

Jake Kim

he/him | jake.kim114@

Hi everyone! I am a Junior studying CS. 61C was one of my favorite course at Berkeley and I hope you would enjoy it as well!

Ken Ning

he/him | kenning@

Hello! I'm a junior majoring in CS&Applied Math. I'm looking forward to helping you in labs.

Kenneth Ian Shyle

he/him | kennethshyle@

Hello! I'm Kenneth, a third year from Indonesia. Outside of teaching 61c I love to cook, hike and grabbing lot's of new food. I look forward to meeting you all this fall!

Massimo Tseng

he/him | mtseng02@


Nikhil Jha

he/him | nikhiljha@

Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 61c on CPU 0. Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

Reza Sajadiany

he/him | rezasjd@

hi everyone, I hope you enjoy 61C as much as I did!

Rohan Kumar

he/him | rohankumar@

I'm a freshman studying EECS. I enjoy doing just about anything science-related (though for legal reasons CS is my favorite subject), playing guitar, ethically hacking things, and playing too much League on weekdays.

Ted Lin

he/him | tedklin@

Hello! I'm Ted, a third-year EECS major from Los Angeles. I like cold weather, music with interesting harmonies, and tangerines. Looking forward to a fun semester of 61C!

Zachary Pfeiffer

he/him | zpfeiffer@

literally just vibing