If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact course staff.

DSP Data: has access to DSP information for 61C


Dan Garcia

ddgarcia@cs. he/him DSP Data

I'm super delighted to be co-teaching this course with my friend and colleague, the amazing Lisa Yan. I'm passionate about our new "A's for All" initiative that we want to start sweeping the world. On the fun side, I can play 20+ songs on the harmonica (but they all end up sounding like "Piano Man"), juggle 5 balls, score in the low 90s on the links, spin things on my finger, and recite all the words to many old-school raps, stand-up comedy bits and Monty Python sketches. I also have a collection of several hundred game and puzzle books, and terribly enjoy sharing good brain teasers or playing any one of my many exotic board games with students in my GamesCrafters group. Don't get me started telling jokes...

Lisa Yan

yanlisa@eecs. she/her DSP Data

I'm sooo excited to be co-teaching this course with my colleague, mentor, and friend: the one-and-only Dan Garcia. I love building pathways in computing and data science education for all undergraduates. Hobbies include hiking, playing tennis, cooking multi-course meals, singing karaoke (anime songs only), learning languages, and reading nonfiction. If you're interested in a career teaching CS...let's talk!

Head TAs

Connor (Cece) McMahon

mcmahon@ she/her DSP Data

I'm really excited to be back this semester as a Head GSI as I finish up my Master's degree. Can't wait to meet everyone!

Jero Wang

junyangw@ he/him DSP Data

Rosalie Fang

fyr2019@ she/her DSP Data


Aaron Janse

aaronjanse@ he/him

Adelson Chua

adelson.chua@ he/him

6th yr PhD EECS student (probably the oldest TA around). First international (and graduate) student to be part of UC Berkeley Taekwondo Team. K-pop girl group fanboy (I know >40 groups now).

Andy Chen

achen9734@ he/him

Hey everyone, I'm Andy, a junior studying CS from Austin, Texas. I like reading One Piece and I'm usually caught up so definitely talk to me about that if you're also a One Piece fan!

Anjan Das

anjan.das.64@ he/him

Hey everyone! I'm Anjan and I'm a senior studying CS and Applied Math. When I'm not teaching the best class at Cal, I enjoy napping and playing video games. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Arda Akman

arda.akman@ he/him

Hi everyone, my name is Arda. I am a junior from Istanbul (not Constantinople), Turkey. I like wandering around, playing tennis and most of all Formula 1. This will be my second time teaching 61C, and I am excited to meet you all in person.

Arunan Thiviyanathan

arunant@ he/him

Are you a lost pointer because I can't seem to get you out of my memory

Billy Bao

billybao@ he/him

Hi! I'm Billy, a junior studying EECS, and this is my first time on course staff. I love tabletop games, orienteering, video game music, and biking. Recently obsessed with MTGA. I'm excited to meet you all and explore the amazing world of computer architecture together!

Brandon VanBuskirk

bvanbuskirk@ he/him

Hello everyone! I'm Brandon and I'm a senior EECS undergrad heavily invested in coffee and Dodgers baseball. Come talk to me or email me about anything ML/RL, robotics, hardware, and CS61C related!

Brendan Roberts

813322broberts@ he/him

Hi everyone! I'm Brendan, and I'm a junior studying EECS. I'm super excited to meet y'all!

Cindy Lin

lindycin@ she/her

I spent too much time thinking about what to write but not thinking of what to write so I'm writing what I'm thinking about and I'm thinking about what to write

Eddy Byun

eddybyun@ he/him

Unless you're feeling RISC-y, I'd avoid hazards like the Big C. Legend has it that there is a fault line underneath it... a segmentation fault. Send any puns my way so that I can annoy Jero! :D ඞ

Edwin Lim

edwinlim@ he/him

I recently began enjoying beans on toast, but I'm not British.

Ella Shi

sjy@ she/her

Hello everyone! I'm a senior studying Computer Science and Economics. Enjoy your 61C journey!

Eran Kohen Behar

erankohen@ he/him

Hi! I'm Eran, a junior EECS major from Istanbul, Turkey. Besides teaching I love traveling, photography and to play the piano. Feel free to reach out to me about anything, 61C related or not :)

Eric Kusnanto

ekusnanto@ he/him

Heyo! I'm Eric and I'm a junior from Los Angeles! I enjoy late night chats, listening to podcasts, and browsing bookstores. Hit me up if you want to talk about life, anime, or even sometimes 61C :D

Erik Yang

eyang7@ he/him

hi! I'm Erik, a 3rd year from Sacramento studying CS. I'm excited to meet you all this fall :)

Esme Cohen

esmedpk@ she/her

Hi! I'm Esme, a junior studying Applied Math/CS from San Francisco! I'm excited to be returning for my second semester on course staff!

Jeffrey Yao

jfyao1454@ he/him

Kyle Chiu

kylechiu@ he/him

Hello! I’m a junior studying Computer Science. I enjoy watching anime and playing video games like League of Legends (I wish I didn’t though). Looking forward to meeting you all!

Nikhil Kandkur

nkandkur@ he/him

Hi! My name's Nikhil and I'm a third-year from the Bay Area studying CS and CalTeach. This is my second time teaching 61C, and I couldn't be more excited to teach 61C. Some stuff I enjoy to do include listening to new kinds of music, binging TV, and biking.

Ojhan Ardalan

oadarlan@ he/him

Hi everyone! Very excited to be teaching 61C again. Just a heads up, if I ever explain course material incorrectly, it's actually on purpose and I'm really just testing your knowledge! :)

Rohan Mathur

rohanmathur@ he/him

Hi! I'm Rohan and I am a junior from Cincinnati, Ohio studying computer science and economics. My hobbies include playing guitar, bass, and running. P.S. IF ANYONE FINDS A LIGHTNING MCQUEEN LUNCHBOX ON CAMPUS, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT

Rohit Mittal

rohitmittal@ he/him

Is CS61C is so good, why is there no CS61C 2?

Ryan McConnell

rsmcconnell@ he/him

Hey, I'm a junior in EECS from San Diego and this is my second time on 61C staff. I'm into F1, flannels, and calculated procrastination and I'm looking forward to meeting you this fall!

Sydney Karimi

skarimi@ she/her

hello! i'm a third-year studying cs/cog sci but this is my first time teaching, and i'm excited to be here! i love to climb, scuba dive, eat (and cook) when i get free time. nice to meet y'all!


Aaron Shalf

ashalf@ he/him

I'm a 4th year cognitive science/computer science major interested in neuroscience and research. For my senior year I'm hoping to take some light classes and instead try some new things like swimming, sailing, and rock climbing. Excited to meet some interesting people this semester!

Akshat Satija

akshat.satija@ he/him

Hello there! I'm excited to help y'all succeed in 61C! My family recently adopted a puppy so please reach out with any tips on how to raise a one. I'm here to help out in any way I can so feel free to reach out with anything. A small conversation can go a long way.

Anish Kachinthaya

anishk@ he/him

Hi! I'm a 3rd year studying EECS and Business major and this is my first time on course staff. I'm interested in racquet sports, cooking, reading, and writing. I'm excited to meet everyone!

Anthony Salinas Suarez

anthonysalinas78251@ he/him

What am I supposed to put here?

Oh yes, my name is Anthony and I am a rising junior. I am looking forward to an amazing semester with all of you!

I absolutely love sports, avid supporter of the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Bucks, and I also love music as well as binge watching stuff whether that be a tv series, anime, etc. Feel free to hmu to talk about anything! :))

I am also a proud owner of a baby taylor guitar though I still can't play neon with just my thumb and index finger :((

Is this bio good enough?

Anya Shah


Ashley Ye

ashleyye@ she/her

Hi y’all! I’m Ashley from suburban Maryland, and I’m a junior studying EECS. This is my first time tutoring for 61C, and I’m super excited to work with everyone this semester. In my free time, I enjoy songwriting (I have a song released on Spotify!), listening to music (I like Taylor Swift, girl in red, and King Princess), and taking personality quizzes (I’m an INTJ :D). Feel free to send me your favorite BuzzFeed quiz or obsess over music with me :)

Ben Yin

benyin@ he/him

Bill Hu

hubi@ he/him

Hi everyone! I'm Bill, a junior studying EECS and Data Science from Toronto. I enjoy taking naps, watching shows, and listening to music. I'm excited to be teaching 61C this semester and hope you all will have a great experience!

Catherine Van Keuren

cvankeuren@ she/her

Hi everyone! I'm Catherine, a third-year CS major originally from Florida! In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, doing yoga, and scoping out cute cafes. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Chase Adams

chaseadams@ he/him

Hello everyone! I am Chase and I'm in my last semester as an EECS major. This is my first time on the 61C staff but feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions!

Eugenia Chien

echien@ she/her

61C is very poggers

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Kevin Lee

kevin-lee@ he/him

Hi, my name is Kevin! I'm a 3rd year and my interest lies in food so click link c:

Leena Elzeiny


Maria Li she/her

Hey! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Sonika Vuyyuru

svuyyuru@ she/her

Hey everyone! I’m a Junior originally from Virginia studying CS and Cog Sci. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, playing tennis, and reading!

Su-Ann Ho

suannho@ she/her

teaching coz I'm a risc-taker, email me for pointers.