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Inst. Nicholas Weaver


Office Hours: Monday 11a-12p, 1-2p @ 329 Soda

Head TAs

Morgan Rae Reschenberg

Head TA • mreschenberg@ •

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan and I’m a fourth year Computer Science major and STEM Education minor from Atwater, CA. I love to teach, code, eat grapefruits, and pet cats. I can’t wait to get to know all of you this semester :)

In my discussions, I alternate between mini-lectures on the whiteboard and important problems I pick from the worksheet. I don’t prioritise getting through the /entire/ worksheet, but I do prioritise student understanding. If you start to fall behind in lecture, or if you feel overwhelmed, this may be a good section for you because I assume almost no prior knowledge :) I’ll also be distributing additional self-paced review slides on piazza, though I won’t use them in class.

Nick Riasanovsky

Head TA • njriasanovsky@

Hello everyone. I’m Nick and I’ll be one of your head TAs this semester. This is my second semester as head TA and 6th straight semester with 61C. In my free time I enjoy video games (currently playing ultimate chicken horse a lot) and anything that makes me laughs. I’m really excited to meet all of you this semester and I hope you wind up loving this course like I do.

In my discussions I like to prioritize answering student questions. I want everyone to be comfortable sharing their concerns and to for us to work together to address them. I like to have mini-lectures each section, usually broken up by each section of the worksheet. I will not complete the entire worksheet, but I will select the questions that I think are most important to cover while attempting to leave you some to practice. I work entirely on white/chalk boards and don’t have any handouts. However I would be happy to produce a cheat sheet of notes for each section if I get enough interest from people in attendance.


Alex Thomas


Hi, I’m Alex. I was born in Missouri then moved to SoCal when I started middle school. This will be my third semester on 61C staff and I am excited to teach again!

In my discussions, I tend to do a mini-lecture before and try to attempt as much of the worksheet as time permits. I like to project my work on the whiteboard and walkthrough a select few problems on the worksheet. I also welcome any question, so don’t be afraid to ask during discussion section! I assume no prior knowledge.

Alvin Hsu


Hi! I’m a senior double majoring in chemistry and computer science. This will be my second time uGSI’ing for CS 61C. My research interests involve using machine learning to better understand organic catalysis. Outside of school, I enjoy swimming and looking at cute animals on Facebook. I hope you enjoy 61C as much as I did!

In my discussions, I expect that students are at most one week behind schedule, although being up-to-date will help with understanding the problem-solving techniques which I tend to go over. My discussion consists of a mini-lecture, with worksheet problems interspersed. The mini-lectures typically consist of definitions of lecture concepts followed by real-world examples in which these concepts are used/seen. I also include occasional code demos and project hints. I do not go over the whole worksheet, but rather cover what I believe are a representative subset of the types of problems which you should know how to solve (e.g. on an exam). When my students are solving problems on the discussion worksheets, I am neutral towards whether they work in groups or by themselves. Before exams, I provide my students with a study session in addition to the regularly-scheduled discussion.

Andy Wu


Hi, my name is Andy. I am a second-year CS major from Fremont, CA and this is my first semester TAing for 61C. I spend most of my free time sleeping, but other than that I am also interested in robotics, bowling, and skiing. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

In lab, I want to focus on helping students with the questions they have, so I will try to limit my talking to announcements and clarifications of the lab instructions.

Andy Yan


WOO 61C!

In my lab my primary goal is to help you better understand what’s going on deeply rather than just completing the lab. I’ll structure my lab with a mini-lecture at the beginning, some work time + mini help sessions with certain problems you might be stuck on, and then spend around 40 mins to check people off at the end.

Anusha Dandamudi


Hi everyone! I’m a 4th year CS major from the Bay Area. Things I enjoy: music, board games, boba & Sliver, and of course 61C! Excited to get to know y’all!

In my lab sections, I plan to mini-lecture at the beginning of each lab for 5-10 minutes (starting a few weeks into the semester) and will primarily use a combination of slides and whiteboard. I highly encourage working on labs with partners. Also, I will have a google form that I will ask you to complete after each lab section as a way for me to gauge what topics you would like to be reviewed during lab the following week as well as to get feedback.

Ayush Maganahalli

What’s up, I’m a junior studying EECS, and I’m from the East Bay, just 30 minutes out from Berkeley. Outside of 61C I spend time playing badminton and all sorts of video games, following sports, and in clubs like EthiCal, Codeology, and Cal Badminton.

Bob Dai


Hello there, I’m a 4th year CS major hailing from Canada-lite (MN) and I’m excited to spend my last semester here teaching this class! In my free time I enjoy cooking, games (video and board varieties), and binge-watching TV shows. Looking forward to a great semester!

For labs, I generally start off with a mini-lecture/demo highlighting the main ideas covered for that lab and some common mistakes. However, I prefer to answer questions in a more personal/small group setting. I assume that you’ll have a baseline understanding of the material but is definitely not required if you are behind. Finally, I really push for doing labs with a partner either in or out of lab since it helps with your understanding and just makes everything go smoother.

Damon Anderson


Hello everyone! I’m a senior EECS/NucE joint major from Sammamish, Washington. Things that I enjoy include chess, snowboarding, coffee, Starcraft II, boba, and radiation detectors. I’m excited to have a great semester of 61C with y’all!

I typically give a mini-lecture per topic followed by specific/targeted problems from the worksheet. The balance of lecture to problems will certainly depend on the topic (i.e. for more difficult topics I tend to lecture more). I like to ask questions as I go through mini-lecture or example problems to keep the class involved. I pace my mini-lectures as if my students are at least familiar with the material, so if you haven’t gone to lecture or looked over the slides it may be hard to keep up. That being said, I walk around when I give time to do problems and this would be a good time to ask questions if you missed lecture that week.

Daniel Zhang

daniel_zhang@ •

Hello! I’m a junior CS major hailing from the South Bay who’s into hiking, traveling, good food, and Broadway musicals! This will be my second semester TAing for 61C, and I’m excited to meet you all!

I’ll be starting off my discussion sections with a short mini-lecture covering last week’s material, before going through several discussion questions that I believe are the most useful. I will not be going over every single discussion question (since going over many questions on your own is a great way to study the material more deeply), but the ones I will be covering with great detail! In lab sections, I will start off with some administrivia and a short guide to that day’s lab, and will then alternate between checkoffs and helping students with questions. My goal will be to limit each checkoff to 30 seconds or less to ensure that we move through the checkoff queue faster! :)

Derek Feng


This marks my 5th semester of teaching 61C. Woo. I got all them juicy tips and secrets for doing well, just hmu.

In my discussions, I usually lead with a mini lecture that goes through the big problems (in my opinion) on the worksheet in a sort of guided completion style. I love to use slides and I do start from the basics so this may be good if you aren’t as comfortable with the material. I try to put in some jokes here and there so if that’s your type of discussion, come along for the semester!

Elizabeth Li


I’m Elizabeth, a junior in EECS, and I spend all my free time on CalSol, cooking, reading, and hiking.

I’ll be going over a very quick review of lecture material or whatever people are most confused about, but the focus will definitely be on work time with partners.

Hersh Godse

hersh.godse@ •

I’m Hersh, a third year EECS major passionate about computer architecture and excited to be a TA for 61C this semester! My strengths are caches and virtual memory, but feel free to approach me with any questions. I’m from Portland, OR, and I’m a big Blazers fan. Outside of school and basketball, you can find me binge watching shows on Netflix :D Looking forward to meeting you over the course of this semester, and feel free to swing by my office hours!

In my discussions, I prioritize covering all relevant concepts in depth over getting through the full worksheet. I’ll select specific problems that I feel do best justice to the full scope of the worksheet but are still feasible to do in the discussion hour time slot. I alternate between mini-lectures and group work time, and try to encourage collaboration in the section. I mark up the discussion worksheets on my iPad over the course of the section, and display this via the projector. Using the iPad gives me greater flexibility, saves time from re-drawing key diagrams, and I believe results in a higher quality discussion. This is a good section for the ‘average’ 61c student - I don’t expect much prior student knowledge on the topics, but hope for some basic high-level familiarity. Looking forward to working with you!

Ian Rodney


Hey! I am a third year EECS student from San Diego, CA. I am interested in the fields of computer networking (I research at NetSys) and wireless communications. I love traveling and will take any chance to talk about studying abroad at Lund University in Sweden (well mostly hopping across Europe). I am also an avid photographer who lazily edits photos (and seldom posts them).

In my lab, the time will be completely dedicated to answering questions and completing checkoffs. I will not have an explicit presentation at the beginning to introduce the lab. The labs are rather long, so I strongly suggest starting the lab before coming. If the Academic Interns or I receive duplicate questions, we will usually write it on the board–so it’s worth scanning the boards to see if your question has already been answered!

Kunal Kak


Hi everyone! I’m Kunal, a third-year EECS major hailing from the amazing state of New Jersey. In my spare time you can find me rewatching the same few shows on Netflix, following the English Premier League, or experimenting in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to a great semester with y’all!

In my lab sections I will start with administrivia + an overview of the lab, and may give a quick mini-lecture on important material (depending on what topics are being covered that day). I strongly believe that students learn best when working together, so partnering up for labs and helping out your peers are both definitely encouraged in my section.

Max Banister


Don’t run arbitrary commands given to you by people over the internet.

Having said that: telnet

I begin every discussion with a mini-lecture of the current week’s topics (depending on the difficulty, it may take up more than half the section). I then transition into doing a few select worksheet problems, mainly the difficult ones, to solidify student understanding. I would be more than willing to send out the discussion worksheet a day or two early so the students can attempt it, as I think section is much more interesting when everyone is caught up and on the same page. I also lean heavily on using my stylus and tablet as a visual aid for both the mini-lecture and the discussion worksheet.

Ram Kalidhindi


Hi, my name is Ram! I am a senior studying CS and I am originally from near Los Angeles. I found 61c to be an incredible learning experience and hope to make as equally exciting and fun for all of you taking it. See you soon!

In my lab sections, I will start with some basic administrivia and give a basic overview of the lab is about. Depending on the lab material, I would also like to start each section with a quick mini-lecture specifically about the how lecture material relates to the lab, assuming little prior knowledge. Not all labs will have minilectures. I would like everyone to work in pairs and encourage students to help each other, but also encourage asking questions when stuck. Checkoff will be for pairs of students to speed up that process and both partners are expected to contribute.

Sayan Paul


Hello! I’m a third year CS major from near Washington, DC. I spend my free time watching as much TV as possible, following the NBA (go Wizards!), and losing to my friends in Smash Ultimate. Looking forward to a great semester!

For my discussions, I will spend some time at the beginning with a mini-lecture on the relevant topics for the day. After that, I’ll focus on a few selected problems from the discussion worksheet. Most days, we probably won’t be able to finish every problem, but the leftovers are great practice for exams! I intend for my labs to largely be spent on work time, besides a few announcements at the beginning.

For both my discussion and my lab, I strongly encourage working with a partner—I think this really is the best way to learn.

Sean Farhat


lmao nice try if you wanna know about me slide into my OH and ask away. Here’s a sneak peek of the cool things you can learn: my name is actually pronounced “Sean”…

I consider my discussions a conversation between us. I start off each concept with a review, then we go through the problems I find important. I prefer the whiteboard/blackboard and only use slides for complex diagrams that take too long to draw. I’m not the biggest fan of forcing you to partner up all the time, so instead, I’m partners with all of you and we work through the problems together. I’ll ask you questions, you’ll ask me some, and we’ll all have fun learning!

Sruthi Veeragandham

sruthiv123@ •

Hello! I’m a senior Applied Math and Microbial Biology major, and this is my third time teaching CS 61C. (The second picture is me without makeup).

In discussions, I usually do a short mini-lecture with slides, followed by time for solving problems. I’m happy to see students work in groups, but if you’d like to work quietly by yourself, that’s perfectly OK. I have some notes, cheat sheets, and guides that I’ll print and hand out, but whether you come to my section or not, these will be on my website. I try to choose a mix of problems so that whether students are behind or caught up, they get something out of discussion. In labs, if it’s crowded, I plan to focus on getting through the queues. But if not, I’ll spend some time on demos and conceptual review.

Stephan Kaminsky

skaminsky115@ •

Hi! I’m a third year EECS Major and this is my second time being a TA for 61C. In my spare time, I like to ride motorcycles, go to movies with friends, eat avocado toast at acme bread company, and pet dogs and cats. Lets have fun this semester :)

In my discussions, I like to build up the method of applying the concepts which we will work on in the worksheet. I will sometimes do a mini-lecture (depending on how comfortable the students are with the concepts) or do an example problem which I feel is important for understanding. I do not prioritize getting through the entire worksheet because student understanding is more important to me and the worksheets can be long. I also like to do an example problem that is not ‘trivial’ (nothing is trivial) and then have my students work together to complete similar problems so you can get some practice at problems which you may have to solve on exams. I tend to assume almost no prior knowledge though I will ask before section how well you are understanding the material. So make sure you speak up if you do not understand something!

Sukhpreet Pabla


Hello! My name is Sukhpreet and I’m a third year CS student from the Bay Area. I’m a huge Lakers fan so if you ever want to talk about basketball feel free to come to my lab or office hours! I also love to hike, work out, play Call of Duty, and watch anything MCU-related because I’m incredibly hyped for Avengers: Endgame. I’d say that the thing I’m best at is being late for everything, no matter what day and time it is.

In my labs, I encourage a collaborative environment; I want you guys to help each other out (even people who are not your partners) since the best way to learn is by interacting with your peers. I prioritize student understanding of the material, and so I will give mini-whiteboard lectures on certain tricky concepts if necessary.


Allan Yu


Hi all! My name is Allan, and I’m from Roseville, California. Excited to teach 61C this semester!

Avinash Nandakumar


Hi everyone! I am currently a sophomore studying EECS here at Berkeley. When I took 61c, I loved all of the amazing topics we covered and I am super excited to spread my enthusiasm for the class with all of you! Overall, I am super social, love to be outdoors, and a huge sports fan. Feel free to talk to me about anything, I will always make myself available for anyone. Looking forward to meeting everyone that signs up for my section!

Daniel Li


Hello I’m Daniel and I’m from Fullerton, California in Orange County. I’m a big Lakers fan and I watch too much basketball and Netflix. Hit me with your best Netflix suggestions.

Katherine Liu


Hello! I’m a 3rd-year CS major. Along with good stories, I love poetry, sunshine, green tea, and cats. I really enjoyed 61C, and I hope you do too!

Morgan Fong


Hello, my name is Morgan (not to be confused with TA Morgan), and I’m super glad to be back on course staff via CSM! CS61C was my favorite class out of the lower divs, and my broader interests are in systems and networking. I’m a SoCal/626 native and a member of Cal Raijin Taiko on campus. Looking forward to meeting you all in section~

Nikhil Pimpalkhare


Hi! I am a sophomore EECS major from Los Altos, California. I code exclusively in binary. My first love was an XOR gate. I have 29 levels of caches.

Sarah Sun


Hi! I’m a third year EECS major and I have the cutest dog ever! I really like 61C and I hope you enjoy it as well!

Sean Dooher


Hi! My name’s Sean and I’m a 3rd-year CS major from the East Bay. I love hiking, cooking, and watching way too much Netflix. This is my first semester helping out with 61C, but 61C was one of my favorite classes here at Berkeley and I’m excited to hopefully help make it one of yours as well!

Wenyuan Ma


Hi, I am a 4th year EECS major interested in infrastructure and system design. During my free time, I like to go hiking or cooking with friends. Welcome to CS 61C!

Yuxin Ji


Hi! I’m Yuxin. I’m a 3rd year CS major and I enjoy singing, traveling, listening to podcasts, and watching samoyed videos on Youtube. I’m super excited to get to know all of you and am looking forward to a great semester! ;)

Zac Patel


I’m a 3rd year CS / Data major from Kentfield, CA. I love high performance computers and my hobbies include browsing tech memes and being bad at CSGO.

61C is the gateway drug to the world of computer hardware and design, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

alk to me about making things run fast, electronics or PC components!