EECSUniversity of California Berkeley

EE 42 Introduction to Digital Electronics
EE 43 Introductory Electronics Lab
EE 100 Electronic Techniques for Engineering

Spring 2006

Course Information

Lecture:Tue and Thu 2:00 - 3:30 PM in 10 Evans
Labs:Various times in 140 Cory
Professor:Prof. Richard M. WhiteProf. Kameshwar Poolla
Office:491 Cory6191 Etch
Office Hours:Wed 2:00 - 4:00 PM in 258 CoryThu 3:30 - 5:30 PM in TBA
Required Text:Hambley, Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications, 3rd Ed.

Course Description

EE 42/100 (and EE 43) serve as an introduction to the principles of Electrical Engineering, using electronic devices to communicate, solve problems, and manipulate our environment. EE 42/100 will start with basic concepts about charges and currents, develop devices such as circuits to translate design concepts into reality, and study some high level applications including logic circuits, amplifiers, power supplies, and communication links.


CourseHomeworkMidterm 1Midterm 2FinalLab

*All labs must be completed


Up to two students may work jointly on homework and turn in a single writeup with both names on top. The lowest homework will be dropped. Discuss between students of homework problems is fine, but each group of 1 or 2 students must independently writeup their own solution. Do not allow others to copy your homework sets.

Honor Code

In the real world, unethical actions by engineers can cost money, careers, and lives. Unethical actions in this class will result in a penalty ranging from a minimum of a "0" grade to an "F" in the class and a letter to the campus Office of Student Conduct.