EECSUniversity of California Berkeley

EE 42 Introduction to Digital Electronics
EE 43 Introductory Electronics Lab
EE 100 Electronic Techniques for Engineering

Spring 2006


Homework policy


AssignmentIssue DateDue DateSolutions
Homework 1January 19January 27Solutions
Homework 2January 26February 3Solutions
Homework 3February 2February 10Solutions
Note on Problem 2: Compare the capacitance to the case with 100 cm of water and no oil.
Note on Problem 5: the current through the resistor should be positive instead of negative using our regular conventions for current and voltage at a load resistor
Homework 4February 8February 17Solutions
Note: Problem 6 was updated on February 13. Problems 2 and 8 were updated on February 14. Problem 1 was updated on February 15.
Solutions note: 6f is missing the factor C. The correct answer is 0.075 exp(-t/0.004) A.
Homework 5February 18February 27Solutions
Homework 6February 23March 3Solutions
Homework 7March 2March 10Solutions
Homework 8March 9March 17Solutions
Homework 9March 16March 24Solutions
Homework 10March 23April 4Solutions
Homework 11April 13April 21Solutions
Homework 12April 20April 28Solutions