Shyam Parekh

TAs / Readers

Catherine Huang
Head TA
Hi! In my free time, I like to try new restaurants and use XD unironically. Please feel free to reach out to me via email about anything! XD
Clark Wang
Head TA
Hi! I’m Clark and I’m a senior from NJ. Probability is cool, and cheers to the greatest EECS126 semester!
Sohom Paul
Nice to meet you all! Feel free to flag me down if you want to talk about food, games, or machine learning. Or probability, of course :P.
Han Qi
Hello I'm Han. I'm a junior major in CS and Applied Math. I love reading, figure skating, bakery, and all the delicious food! Feel free to email me!
Albert Zhang
Hi, I'm a fourth year math/cs student from MA interested in analysis and probability theory. I also enjoy running and card games in my free time.
Akshit Dewan
bahai there
Andy Dong
Hi there! I'm a third year EECS major, and I look forward to playing the Monty Hall game with you.
Zhiwei Zhang
Mad scientist YOHO ↖(^ω^)↗