EECS Homeworks
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Homework must be submitted in 240 Cory by 11:00 AM on the due date.
(No late homework will be accepted.)

Homework #1:  Digital signal representation; current and voltage; power; voltage and current sources; resistor circuit

Assignment (due 9/5/03)
Solution (posted 9/5/03)
Homework #2:  Circuit model; circuit w/ dependent source; equivalent resistance; voltage divider; current divider
Assignment (due 9/12/03)
Solution (posted 9/12/03)
Homework #3: Circuit analysis methods; nodal analysis of circuit with dependent sources; source transformation; Thevenin equivalent circuit; superposition
Assignment (due 9/19/03)
Solution (posted 9/23/03)
Homework #4: Voltage follower; ideal op amp circuit analysis; op amp circuit design; realistic op amp
Assignment (due 9/26/03)
Solution (posted 9/26/03)
Homework #5: Energy-storage elements; transient response of first-order circuits
Assignment (due 10/10/03)
Solution (corrected version posted 10/15/03)
Homework #6: Semiconductor fundamentals; carrier concentrations and doping; IC resistors; pn-junction diode
Assignment (due 10/17/03)
Solution (posted 10/17/03)
Homework #7: pn-junction I-V characteristic; diode circuit; MOSFET fundamentals; MOSFET I-V characteristics
Assignment (due 10/24/03)
Solution (posted 10/24/03)
Homework #8: MOSFET subthreshold leakage; MOSFET models; common-source amplifier
Assignment (due 10/31/03)
Solution (posted 10/31/03)
Homework #9: Inverter circuits; CMOS logic gates; combinational logic circuits; logic circuit synthesis
Assignment (due 11/14/03)
Solution (posted 11/14/03)
Homework #10:
Assignment (due 11/21/03)
Solution (posted 11/22/03)
Homework #11:
Assignment (due 12/1/03)
Solution (posted 12/1/03)
Homework #12:
Assignment (due 12/5/03)
Solution (posted 12/5/03)