Electrical Engineering 40/100, Spring '07
Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits

EE40 Spring 2007 - Announcements & Course Info


  • Final exam solutions have been posted under the "Homeworks" tabs. If you would like to see your exam, please see Therese George in 255 Cory.


  • The final exam review session will be tomorrow 3:00-6:00 in 2050 VLSB. It will also be webcast.
  • The final exam will be Thursday 5/17, 12:30-3:30 in 100 Haas Pavilion (the basketball court). There will be one room for both classes, but the exams will be different. Make sure you take the correct exam!


  • Solutions to the practice MOSFET problems have been posted under the Homeworks tabs.
  • TA's will be holding their regular office hours this week with the following exceptions:
    • Daniel's will be W4-5 (instead of Tu10-11)


  • There is an extra practice HW (not to be graded) on line. EE 42/100 will not include the material covered on Semiconductor Physics and MOS small signal circuits. EE 40 needs to prepare for all material taught in class.
  • The final exam will be held at the same location for 40 and 42/100. However, the exams will be different. There will be one for EE 40 and another for EE42/100. It is the students' responsibility to pick the right exams.
  • All should bring their Cal ID to exams.
  • The rules are the same -- Closed book, 3 pages of single-sided notes, no electronic devices and no calculators.
  • Prof. Chang-Hasnain office hours this week will be 1-3pm Friday, 5/11.


  • Chen's OH this week have been moved back one hour to Friday 4-5.
  • A histogram of Midterm 2 scores has been posted under the "Homeworks" tabs.


  • Some practice MOSFET problems have been posted under the "Homeworks" tabs.
  • David's OH next week have been moved to Tuesday 3-4. All other TA's will be holding their regularly scheduled OH.


  • The final project competition will be held on Friday, May 4 at 3:00pm in 145 Dwinelle (the room across from the lecture hall). If you have not signed up yet, today is the last day! Please send an email to Mike with your name and your partners name to sign up.
  • The final exam review will be held on Tuesday, May 15 at 3:00-6:00pm in 2050 VLSB.


  • We will be recording an extra lecture today at 5:00 in 127 Dwinelle which will be the Friday lecture. There will be no class on Friday.
  • For those of you who have questions about letter grades, there is a departmental grading policy, which we follow.


  • Here are some equations that you may find useful for the homework (particularly if you were stuck on problem 2): pn-junction equations.


  • The final project competition is on May 4 at 3:00. If you would like to sign up, please email Mike (one email per group with all your names) by May 2.
  • There is a mistake on the project guide: The report is due at 6:00 on May 4, NOT May 6!
  • Some minor changes have been made to the reader (there was an algebra mistake in one of the derivations). A corrected version has been posted now, under the "Lectures" tab.


  • Lab 8 for EE100 has been posted.
  • The regrade deadline for midterm 2 is Tuesday 4/24. Please write a note detailing exactly what the grading problem is (i.e. "My KCL equation in part (b) of Problem 1 was right but was marked wrong because I labeled a new voltage V2 = -V1", not "Can you regrade problem 1, I want more points"), attach it to your test, and give it to any of the TA's.


  • The wrong homework was posted for EE100. The correct one is now posted. Only 2 problems have been changed. If you already did the old one, that's okay, but if not (or you have not made much progress on the two problems), please do the new one.
  • Mike's OH this Wednesday are moving up half an hour to 2:30-3:30.
  • A hint for the diode logic problem in homework 10: consider the input A=B=0, C=1. What is Vout? This should help you see why one circuit is better than the other.


  • Students who are registered for the early midterm must meet in 101 Wurster at 4pm. Don't forget to bring an ID!


  • Matt will not be able to attend his OH today. Please attend Isaac's (2-3) or Daniel's (10-11). There will also be at TA in the office from 11-4 tomorrow.
  • Jason will be holding OH from 1-3 instead of his usual 4-5 today.


  • Reminders for the coming midterm week:
    • There will be no labs or homework due during the week of 4/9.
    • Midterm 2 will be held 6:00-7:20pm on Wednesday 4/11. Students need to bring student IDs in order to take this exam.
    • An alternate exam time for those with conflicts will be held on the same day, 4/11, from 4:30-5:30pm. The location is TBA. Proof of conflict is necessary and the professor will need to approve it. Students must bring their IDs to take the early session as well.
    • Midterm 2 will cover until the end of Chapt. 10, including all material on supplementary notes and the course reader.

  • Please read the following set of rules for Midterm 2:
    • This is a closed book exam. However, you are allowed to bring two pages (8.5in x 11in), single-sided notes.
    • No electronic devices, i.e. calculators, cell phones, computers, etc.
    • Show all steps on the exam. Answers without steps will be given only a percentage of credit. Partial credit will be given if you have proper steps but no final answers.
    • Remember to put down units. Points will be taken off for answers without units.

  • Midterm 2 Review will be held from 6-8pm on Tuesday, 4/10. The room assignments are:
    • EE 100/42: 1 LeConte Hall
    • EE 40: 4 LeConte Hall

  • Here are the room assignments for Midterm 2:
  • 100 Lewis EE40
    120 Latimer EE42
    145 Dwinelle EE100 last names A-P, inclusive
    120 Latimer EE100 last names R-Z
  • The room for the early exam is TBA


  • Richard's office hour has been permanently moved to 140 Cory. (The time is still the same: Mon 9-10.)


  • Problem 10 has been removed from Homework 8, and will now be part of Homework 9.


  • The prelab for lab 7 has been posted.


  • EE 100 lab 6 is now available.


  • Lab 5 has been posted.


  • Midterm 1 solutions and and histogram have been posted under the "Homeworks" tabs.
  • Rules for regrade requests:
    • Write a note detailing the graading error on a separate piece of paper (Do NOT write on the test itself).
    • Give these to your discussion TA before 5:00pm on Tuesday March 6.
    • Valid reasons for a regrade include having a correct answer marked incorrect or a mistake in totalling up the points. Feeling that a particular mistake should be worth fewer points off is NOT a valid reason.


  • The labs have been pushed back one week to correspond better with lecture. As a result, the project has been shortened, and there are no labs this week. Please download the updated schedule from the "Schedule" tab.
  • There was a mistake in the circuit diagram for Homework 5 Problem 1. (There was a wire where there should not have been, which made the problem not make sense.) The homework has been updated. Please download the new version.


  • Those who are taking the early exam: Please bring an ID so we can verify that you are on the list!
  • There will be no labs this week. Lab 5 will be on the week of March 5


  • Reminder: The midterm is tomorrow! A couple notes:
    • The midterm will cover until the end of Chapter 4 (slide 175)
    • The exam is closed book, but you are allowed to bring one single-sided sheet of notes.
    • Calculators are not allowed!
    • The exam will begin at 6:00 (real time, i.e. not 6:10 (Berkeley time)). Please go to the appropriate room (as listed below in the 02/12 announcement).
    • Those who registered for the early exam will be in 155 Donner Lab starting at 4:30 (real time, i.e. not 4:40).


  • EE40 and EE42/100 will have separate review sessions for the midterm. They are both from 6-8pm on Tuesday, February 20. These are the rooms:
    • EE40: 50 Birge
    • EE42/100: 120 Latimer
  • There will be no labs during the week of the midterm. However, there will be discussions.


  • Here are the room assignments for Midterm 1:
  • 120 Latimer EE40 last names N-Z and EE42(all last names)
    22 Warren EE40 last names A-M
    105 Northgate EE100 last names A-Law
    2060 VLSB EE100 last names Lee-Z
  • People taking the 4:30-5:50 exam will be in 299 Cory or 60 Evans. We will let you know when we are sure.


  • Matt's office hours for Tuesday 2/13 have been cancelled.


  • Homework 4 and Lab 4 have now been posted. They can be found under the appropriate tabs.


  • The lab policy has been clarified on the Labs page. The key points:
    • Prelabs must be turned in within the first 15 minutes of lab to receive full credit, and will receive none if not turned in by the end of lab.
    • Lab reports must be turned in before the start of your lab the following week.


  • The deadline to add classes without paying a fee is this Friday. Please make sure you are enrolled in the lecture by then. Tele-bears is no longer keeping track of labs and discussions, so don't worry that those do not show up.


  • Labs for week 2 have been posted, and can be found under the respective tabs.
  • Some notes about homework:
    • Please make sure to put your discussion section number on your homework.
    • EE42 and EE100 students, please make sure to indicate which class you are in (EE42 or EE100), since the classes are graded on separate curves.
    • EE40 and EE42/100 have separate homework boxes. Please make sure to turn in your homework to the appropriate box.


  • EE42 and EE100 students will have all of the same homework assignments. They are found under the "EE100 Homeworks" tab, and are to be turned in to the EE42(EE100) box in 240 Cory.


  • Prof. Chang-Hasnain's email address has been changed to cch@berkeley.edu
  • Students interested in being a notetaker for this class should fill out a "Note Taking Application" at the DSP office, 260 Cesar Chavez Student Center. The compensation is $40 per unit per semester. Please e-mail dspnotes@berkeley.edu with any questions.


  • This is the new EE40/100 web page. You will notice that there are now separate tabs for EE40 and EE100 labs, homework, and gsi info. Make sure you choose the appropriate tabs for the class you are in!
  • The class schedule has been updated (EE100 labs 8 and 9 have been switched). It is posted under the "Schedule" tab.
  • A weekly schedule of the lab and discussion times has also been posted under the "Schedule" tab.


  • Rules for Labs:
    • Do not switch out of lab sections after week 2
    • Need to work in groups of two, not one or three. Find a fixed partner in week 2 and stay with him/her.
    • You need to come to the lab session with Prelabs already done -- Late prelabs will not be accepted.
    • No homework questions in lab
    • No labs or discussions first week of class and during midterm weeks (week 6 and 12 -- see course schedule).
    • Students only enrolled in EE42(not EE43) do not take lab.
    • Lab is included in EE40 and 100.


  • A few corrections on the lecture slides:
    • Slide 2: The final date is changed to group 17. Please see handout.
    • Slide 3: Grading policy is different for EE40 and 42/43/100. See handouts.
    • Slide 4: Homework is due at 6pm instead of 5pm on Wednesdays.
  • Midterm dates and times will NOT be changed. They are officially fixed at Wed 2/21 and 4/11 at 6:00pm. See course handout.


  • A separate web page will go up for EE42/100 by next week but for now, keep checking this page. Homework 1 has been posted. It is the same as the EE40 homework that was posted yesterday. It can be found under the "Homeworks" tab.
  • Please note that the due date for Homework has been changed to Wednesday at 6:00 (from 5:00).


  • The course description handout and schedule have been changed to include notes about the combined class with EE100. If you have already downloaded them, you may want to look at the updated versions.


  • Homework 1 has been posted. You can find it under the "Homeworks" tab.
  • You can also find the course notes and reader in pdf format under the "Lectures" tab.


  • This is the EE40 website for Spring 2007. Most of the links are broken now, but everything should be working within the week.

Course Information:

Instructor: Prof. Connie Chang-Hasnain

Office: 263M Cory Hall
Office hours: Tue 11:00a-12:00p, Wed 10:00a-11:00a

Email: cch@berkeley.edu
Phone: (510) 642-4315     Â 

Class Times: MWF 4:00a-5:00a, 155 Dwinelle

Click here to download the course description handout which follows.


Spring 2007

Course Objectives:

EE40 is intended to teach basic circuit theory and principles of electronic engineering as preparation for subsequent EE courses, whereas EE 42/100 (and EE 43) serve as an introduction to the principles of Electrical Engineering, using electronic devices to communicate, solve problems, and manipulate our environment.

The content of EE40/42/100 has been converging over the last few semesters, and the courses have been using the same textbook and similar syllabi. The main difference now resides on 3-4 lectures. In EE 40, we spend 1~2 more lectures on the physics of diodes and the resulting current-voltage characteristics. In addition, there are two more lectures discussing MOSFET characteristics, the small signal model and its circuit applications. This 3-4 lectures in EE 42/100, on the other hand, are used to discuss logic gates and applications. In this semester, our lectures will follow mostly along the EE40 syllabus, while we will make efficient use of time to cover some of the logic gates.

The discussion sessions will remain separate and used to supplement the materials we cannot cover due to the limitation of class time. Students should regularly attend discussion sessions and should stay with the same session they sign up for.

As appropriate, homework sets, discussion sections, and exams will provide any needed differentiation between classes. Labs will remain separate and a separate grading curve will be used for each class.

Catalog Description:

Fundamental circuit concepts and analysis techniques. Kirchoff's laws, nodal analysis; independent and dependent sources. Thévenin, Norton equivalent circuits. Transient and AC analysis; speed and power. Phasors, Bode plots and transfer function. Filters and Op-Amps. Graphical methods for nonlinear circuits. GaussÂ’s Law and bandgap. Diode and FET characteristics. Diode and MOSFET circuits. Introduction to basic integrated-circuit technology and layout. Digital signals, logic gates, switching.

An electronics laboratory is part of the course. Using and understanding electronics laboratory equipment such as: oscilloscope, power supplies, function generator, multimeter, curve-tracer, and RLC meter. Includes a term project of constructing a circuit with appropriate electromechanical device.

Course Format:

EE 40 and 100: Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory, one hour of discussion [4 Units].

Instructor: Prof. Connie Chang-Hasnain

Office: 263M Cory Hall

Office hour: T 11-12, W 10-11

Email: cch@berkeley.edu

Secretary: Therese George, 253 Cory, therese@eecs.berkeley.edu


EE 40: Math 1B and Physics 7B.

EE 42/100: Math 1B

Textbooks and/or other required material:

Hambley, Allan R., Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc., 2005.

Supplemental notes and reader (available at Copy Central as well as on line for download)

Topics covered:

·         Introduction to circuits: currents, and voltages; power and energy; KirchhoffÂ’s Current Law; KirchhoffÂ’s Voltage Law; branches, loops and nodes

·         Resistive circuits; Thévenin and Norton equivalent circuits; Node/Mesh/Superposition analysis

·         Inductance and capacitance; L and C transients; 1st and 2nd order circuits

·         Phasors; Frequency response; Bode plots; Resonance; Transfer function; Filters (1st and 2nd order filters)

·         Operational Amplifiers: Ideal operational amplifiers; Inverting and non-inverting amplifiers; Design of simple amplifiers; Op-amp imperfections in the linear range of operation; Integrators and differentiators;

·         Diode circuits: Basic concepts; Load-line analysis of diode circuits; Ideal-diode model; Piecewise-linear diode models; Rectifier circuits; voltage doubler

·         Semiconductors; n and p doping; bandgap

·         Diode physics: GaussÂ’s Law and Poisson Equation; Depletion approximation; IV characteristics

·         MOSFET physics: NMOS and PMOS transistors and simple fabrication concepts

·         MOSFET circuits: Load-line analysis; Bias circuits; Small-signal equivalent circuits; Common-source amplifiers; Source followers

·         Binary logic, truth tables: inversion, NAND and NOR

·         Logic circuits: CMOS logic gates; flip-flops, registers, counters, adder

Class/laboratory schedule:

Office Hours, Discussion and Laboratory Sections Begin 1/22/07

Stay with ONE Discussion and Lab session you registered.

Midterm and Final Dates:

·         Midterm 1: 6:00 – 7:20 pm on 2/21

EE 40 Location:120 Latimer and 60 Evans

EE 42/100 Location: TBD

·         Midterm 2: 6:00 – 7:20 pm on 4/11

EE 40 Location: 145 Dwinelle

EE 42/100 Location: TBD

·         Final: 12:30 – 3:30 pm on 5/17, Exam group 17 (Location TBD)

Best Final Project Contest for EE 40

·         3-5pm, 5/4 Location TBD

·         Students are encouraged to participate.

·         Winning projects will be displayed on second floor Cory Hall for 6 months. Winners will receive some awards, details to be announced.

Grading Policy:


EE40 and 42/100 will have some different problems in HWs and exams, when appropriate. The Labs will remain distinct. The students will be graded on separate curves.




HW (12 sets)

Midterm 1

Midterm 2



Course units



























·         EE40: 11 Labs

                                                               i.      7 structured experiments (7%)

                                                             ii.      one 4-week final project (8%)

·         EE100: 11 Labs

                                                               i.      9 structured experiments (10%)

                                                             ii.      one 2-week final project (5%)


·         No late HW or Lab reports accepted. Prelabs need to be completed before going to labs.

·         No make-up exams unless Prof. ChangÂ’s approval is obtained at least 24 hours before exam time; proofs of extraneous circumstances are required.

Weekly HW:

·         Assignment on the web by 5 pm Wednesdays, starting 1/17/05.

·         Due 6 pm the following Wednesday in the appropriate drop box (EE40, EE100 or EE42) in 240 Cory.

·         On the top page, right top corner, write your name (in the form: Last Name, First Name) with discussion session number.

·         Graded homework will be returned one week later in discussion sessions.


·         Complete the prelab section before going to the lab.

·         Satisfactory completion of each lab is necessary to pass class.

Classroom Rules:

·         Please come to class on time.

·         Turn off cell phones, pagers, radio, CD, DVD, etc.

·         No food.

·         No pets.

·         Do not come in and out of classroom.

·         Lectures will be recorded and webcasted.

Any problems with the website? Email ee40_mkrishnan@lists.berkeley.edu