CS 294-6, EE290X, BA 296.5

Spring 1997
Strategic Computing and Communications Technology

This course was taught for the first time in the Spring 1997 semester. Class time was spent in a combination of pertinent lectures by local experts, lectures by the instructors, discussion, and presentations by student project groups.

General (not specific semester) homepage

Concepts covered in the course

Motivation for the course

Schedule of classes, with links to readings, slides, and instructor notes

Project reports

Students were divided into eight project groups, which generated an excellent set of reports:

Network effects on the adoption of new technologies

Network pricing, costs, and settlements

Human factors impact on user acceptance

Real-time collaborative technologies: incentives and impediments

Impact of government regulation on new products in the telecommunications industry

The digital age: building industry alliances

Collaboration between firms in information technology

Standards: are they necessary or do they discourage innovation?

Final exam

The final exam was a 24-hour take home. Here are the questions (the students were asked to answer two of the four), and the highest rated answers:

Software components

The Internet from scratch

Reconfigurable processors

Advice to Apple Computer