CS 370: Introduction to Teaching Computer Science

Fall 2018 Instructors: Christopher Hunn, Sequoia Eyzaguirre, and Bryan Tong



Week Topic Reading Homework Tutoring
Aug 19 Introduction and the Socratic Method Wk. 01 Due Aug 25
Aug 26 Concept Mapping, Models of Learning, and Bloom's Taxonomy Wk. 02
Sep 02 Misconception Theory, Expert Blindness, and the 2-Sigma Effect Wk. 03
Sep 09 Memory and the Growth Mindset Wk. 04
Sep 16 Teaching Recursion Wk. 05
Sep 23 Motivation and Setting Goals Wk. 06
Sep 30 Guest Speaker and the Flipped Classroom Format Wk. 07
Oct 07 Midterm and Applying to Staff
Oct 14 An Exercise in Group Teaching Wk. 09
Oct 21 Group Teaching Techniques and GPS Syndrome Wk. 10
Oct 28 Imposter Syndrome and Stereotype Threat Wk. 11
Nov 04 Diversity and Unconscious Bias Wk. 12
Nov 11 Designing Resources
Nov 18 Vacation
Nov 25 Final Exam and Conclusion Wk. 15