Welcome to CS 370! This course is designed to help aspiring teachers hone their skills, become a part of the teaching community here at UC Berkeley, and expose them to the foundations of computer science pedagogy. Students in this class will receive first-hand experience through one-on-one tutoring and an enriched teaching knowledge through research-based pedagogical studies.

CS 370 has three key components that distinguish it from other pedagogical courses. First, we cover student interactivity and teaching in one-on-one settings. This is applicable to all levels of teachers - lab assistants, tutors, and TA's, since one-on-one interactions are a critical component of all teaching experiences. Next, we cover group teaching through in-class demonstrations, as mastering pacing and understanding the individualities of students in a group setting is key to being a successful TA. Last, we socratically discuss current issues in CS pedagogy, including atmosphere-related questions such as: underrepresentation, stigmas associated with computer science, the issue of prior experience, and how these factors heavily influence student learning.


Visit the official CS 370 bCourses to get set up. If you don't have access, contact the instructors via email immediately.
It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date with bCourses and submit all your assignments on time.

Weekly duties

tl;dr - Tutoring sign-up's are released early Sunday morning and arrangements should be completed by end-of-day. Homework and tutoring journals are due Monday @ 11:59pm, as to allow you plenty of time and flexibility after lecture to work on the assignments. :)


Supplemental readings will be posted on the main page of the website, which we will later discuss or reference in-class. There is no due-date on readings, but it is in your best interest to stay informed and on-top of them, as we will reference the readings in-class and your participation grade will be influenced by this.


Homework is released weekly on bCourses and the topic corresponds to this website. Make sure to submit it via bCourses. Your first late homework will receive full credit (i.e., 1 homework drop). No subsequent late homework will receive credit, and there is no buffer past midnight.


This is the key commitment for CS 370, and where you will independently gain experience and grow as a teacher. There is a global tutoring requirement of 36 hours, due by the end of the semester. However, there are some intricacies to this, as teaching / course staff roles contribute to this global tutoring requirement.
Calculate your required tutoring hours here:



Some notes:
  • We recommend you spread your hours evenly across the semester. (e.g., 36 / 12 = 3 hours a week)
  • A template email for contacting students in a friendly, professional manner will be available on bCourses for you to use and modify to arrange tutoring appointments. Be sure to do this in a timely manner, ideally arranging all of your appointments by the end of Sunday night.
  • Note that lab sections, OH, review sessions, and paid private tutoring do not contribute to the tutoring requirement. The reasoning is that these are course staff expectations, while we are focused on certifying you pedagogically and your growth as a teacher.
  • Regardless of how you fulfill your tutoring requirement, we recommend you keep a tutoring journal featuring highlights and analysis of your teaching. The journals will help you answer homework questions.
  • If you have any questions about the CS 370 teaching requirement, feel free to ask us in-class or email the instructors. Later in the semester, we will release your teaching feedback to constructively grow from.
  • To maintain professionality, do not talk to your students about feedback they may have given you; it forces an uncomfortable situation and 370 teaching staff can provide you with more constructive ways on improving your feedback.

  • Tutoring Cancellations / No Shows

    For variations in the amount of weekly tutoring you do, there is no need to contact the course staff. If a student cancels with 24 hour notice, simply contact a new student from the tutoring spreadsheet and arrange a new appointment. If a student does not show, mark this somehow on the tutoring spreadsheet where your name normally would go. (e.g., instead of writing "Christopher" in the first column, write "NO-SHOW" clearly.) Course staff will use this informaton for later, but there is no need to email us.

    Tutoring Feedback

    This semester, feedback will be released periodically to tutors. This is to protect anonyminity of students, log feedback for grading, and create meaningful windows for teaching improvement throughout the semester.


    For exceptions or questions regarding course policy, contact the instructors. In-class attendance is mandatory except with an excused absence, per an e-mail to the course staff.

    Grading Rubric

    CS 370 is currently P/NP, although there is a chance we will be able to offer a letter-grade option
    The course is not curved and we will not release the grading bins. We will not release your numerical performance ratings, these are for internal reference. Stellar performance may result in TA recommendations.
    The rubric is as follows: