Christopher Hunn
OH: Invite yourself via bCal (cthunn[at]

Hi! For the past five years — and until recently — I was in charge of the L&S CS major while advising our CS students. I first became officially involved with CS 370 two years ago when I became the official instructor as the new Director of Undergraduate Instruction. Though I've only been a lecturer for a few years, I've held many roles at Cal: undergrad & grad student, GSI, researcher, staff, and lecturer. While I took CS coursework as an undergrad here, my grad work and training has been heavily focused on STEM teaching and educational equity. Prior to working at Cal, I taught AP / IB biology, physiology, and biotech. This led to running a STEM-focused California Partnership Academy. Now I’m excited to improve our undergraduates' educational experience by supporting, teaching, and evaluating our future TA's — such as yourself!

Bryan Tong
OH: On request (very flexible)

Hiya, I’m Bryan, a co-instructor / logistically your head TA. Predictably, I'm a Computer Science major with a healthy dose of Cognitive Science. I grew up nearby in the East Bay, where I’ll be returning to after graduating this semester. Professionally, I’ve been on course staff for CS 370, CS 61A, and CS 61C. Aside from that, I run Virtual Reality @ Berkeley and advise directors in the ASUC on diversity and atmosphere in E&T. Fun fact: One of my dreams is to run a boba cafe. Feel free to chat with me about shibas and my fiscally irresponsible obsession with cars.


Omotara Oloye

Hello, my name is Omotara and I am a sophomore from San Leandro, CA! I’m currently intended Computer Science with a minor in Music (If music be the food of love, play on). I’m interested in the intersection of art and technology, computer graphics, and animation. In my free time, I love to play volleyball, cook, read, and have little trust in people who don’t use the “Oxford Comma”. I took CS 370 last semester, and fell in love with how teaching is more than just the curriculum. I’m in charge of running the CS Scholars 61A seminar, so if you’re interested in tailoring lesson plans to newly-experienced programmers, feel free to reach out!

Kate Sanders

Hello! My name is Kate, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m a CS major from the Bay Area. I am a TA for CS 61A and have enjoyed tutoring and mentoring for CSM in the past. The EECS teaching community here is one of my favorite things about Cal, so I'm super excited to work with all of you talented people taking 370! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any teaching-related questions or just want to talk. Looking forward to a great semester 🌻

Taejong Kim

Hi! I’m a sophomore CS major who loves to teach. I’m currently a CS Mentor for CS61B and CS61C, and I also help teach as part of the CS Scholars program. Outside of school, I like to listen to music, take nighttime walks, and just talk to people; so if you’d ever like to chat about life or computer science, hit me up!