Robert Burns' CompSci-61B Website

Welcome! This website contains materials for Prof. Robert Burns' ComscSci-61B, "Data Structures" class at Cal Berkeley. The course syllabus and outline are posted here. Also, you will find lecture notes, assignments, news, and links to various Java and programming resources.

General Information
  Prof. Burns' On-campus Schedule
  Syllabus and Course Outline

Class Materials
  Lab assignments
  Term projects
  Lecture notes
  Online discussion group --submit a query now

Min's Home Page -- 61B Teaching Assistant

Other Links
  What to expect on the midterm and final exams
  Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Home Page
  Ask Jeeves and Google

Free Programming Resources
  JNotePad 2 Code Editor Download
  Pad Editor Download (for Windows)
  SSH Secure Shell Download
  Burns' Online Textbook, "Introduction To Programming"
  Java SE API Documentation
  Java SDK Command-line Compiler Download -- JDK 5.0 Update 12
  Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

EECS CompSci-61B PDF Library
  EMACS Reference
  Java Reference
  Editing, Compiling, and Debugging Tools
  Notes on Data Structures
  Moving from Scheme to Java
  Prof. Shewchuk's CS61B