EE128: Feedback Control

Fall 2004
Instructor: Prof. Ping Hsu
GSI: Sarah Bergbreiter


General Information:

Lectures: Monday 6-9 PM in 293 Cory
Labs: Monday 10-1 PM, Wednesday 12-3 PM in 204B Cory
Office Hours: Prof. Hsu - Mondays 5-6 PM in 477 Cory
Sarah Bergbreiter (GSI) - Wednesdays (3-4 PM) in 204B or by appt
Newsgroup: ucb.class.ee128


12/5/2004 - Lab 7 has been updated. It now includes more information on finding motor parameters. Note the change from using Timer2 to Timer0. Prof. Hsu noticed that this was sampling much faster than it should have been which gave people the square waves they were seeing when trying to sample speed in the Wednesday lab section.

12/2/2004 - Prof. Hsu will hold extra office hours on Sunday from 7 - 10 PM in the lab (204B Cory).

12/2/2004 - Homework 11 is posted and due Thursday 12/9 in 497 Cory.

11/18/2004 - Homework 10 is posted and due Monday 11/29 in 497 Cory b/c of Thanksgiving.

11/11/2004 - Homework 9 is posted and due Thursday in 497 Cory.

11/9/2004 - Problem 7 was changed on Homework 8.

11/5/2004 - Homework 8 is posted and due Friday b/c of Veteran's Day Holiday.

10/18/2004 - A sample midterm has been posted in the exam section. The midterm will be held 5-6:30 on Wednsday 10/27 in 293 Cory.

10/17/2004 - I'm moving office hours to Wednesday to reflect the new homework due date. I'll be in 204B from 3-4 after lab.

10/13/2004 - Homework 6 is posted. Homeworks are now due Thursdays at 5PM in 497 Cory. No late homeworks will be accepted unless you arrange things with me beforehand.

10/7/2004 - Homework 5 is posted.

10/6/2004 - I just discovered that there's a newsgroup ucb.class.ee128. I'll try to check this at least once a day in the future.

9/30/2004 - Homework 4 is posted.

9/23/2004 - Homework 3 is posted.

9/16/2004 - Homework 2 is posted. I scanned in the book problems for this assignment as well for those who don't have the book yet.

9/14/2004 - Reminder that homework is due tomorrow before noon! The Wednesday lab section also needs to turn in their lab 1 writeup before lab.

9/8/2004 - The first lab is today for those registered in the Wednesday lab section. No office hours today but I will have standard office hours Monday and by appointment if you're interested.

9/2/2004 - Homework 1 and Syllabus have been posted. A tentative lab listing is also posted, but this is subject to change throughout the semester.

8/30/2004 - First lecture today!

8/30/2004 - If you didn't get an email sent out to the class list, email Sarah to correct this.