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Finding Computer Resources in EECS

ucseal.gif IRIS = Instructional and Research Information Systems   (EECS) UCB campus-wide resources
Information Systems & Technology
EECS instructional
Instructional & Electronics Support
EECS research
Computer User Services
computer accounts login servers: cory.eecs, \\iserver2.eecs, ...
file servers: mamba.cs, \\fileservice

For EECS instructional labs and servers.   See Policies, Resources

Request a 'named' account by logging as "newacct" (password = 'newacct') on one of the Newacct Kiosks in 199 Cory or 349 Soda.   You may also be issued 'class' accounts by instructors.

login servers: login.eecs, \\winterm.eecs, ...
file server: home.eecs

For EECS research labs and servers.   Also see ERSO.

Submit Application For Research Account   (requires sponsor for funding)

There is no campus login server for running programs.   (The IST Socrates server was retired from service in December 2008.)

CalShare: file storage and WEB publishing (for a fee).

All UCB students and staff have an entry in the campus Active Directory.   Windows desktop computers can be added to the "BERKELEY" domain so that users can login using their CalNet IDs.

EECS instructional vs. EECS research computers:
  • UNIX: different domains & passwords
  • Windows: same domain & password
email accounts WEB mail:
email address:

comes with any Instructional UNIX account (no email server for Windows accounts); see Email

WEB mail: https://webmail.EECS.Berkeley.EDU
email aliases: __@{cs,eecs}

comes with a funded research account; see Application For Research Account and IMAP.

WEB mail:
email address:

available to all UCB students and staff;   =

personal WEB sites WEB server:
your URL:

comes with any Instructional UNIX account (no WEB server for Windows accounts); see instructions

WEB server:
your URL:

comes with a funded research account; see Application For Research Account; see instructions

All UCB students and staff can create personal, group or course WEB sites on bSpace (free).

Student organizations may have their own WEB sites (OCF,   CSUA)

remote access Access to programs, files and email: EECS does not offer dialup service.   EECS VPN:
UC Berkeley does not offer dialup service.
Internet Service Provider Information
shared software UNIX: /usr/sww/bin
Windows: \\winsww, \\fileservice
Windows: EECS Windows SWW
laptops and wireless networking The campus AirBears wireless service is available in the Instructional labs;   See See: EECS Wireless Network Activation Procedure;   contact CUSG for recharge support for EECS laptops. LIPS has wired connections for student laptops in selected locations (not in EECS buildings);   AirBears is the campus wireless network for students
Contacts, 643-6141
378/384/386 Cory Hall, 333 Soda Hall, 642-7777
395 Cory Hall, 642-4126
Cal 1 Card Office, Lower Sproul Plaza, 642-7355
2195 Hearst Ave is the official site to check for IT information if there is a campuswide failure.

Information for New Instructional Usershttp://inst.EECS.Berkeley.EDU/~inst/newusers.html

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