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19-Jan First Class Lecture 1 Course Intro: history of VLSI in CS. Early design reps and CAD, silicon foundry model. Course overview and requirements. - Slides Lab 0 out : Chisel Tutorial
21-Jan Lecture 2 Intro to Chisel. - Revised Slides, Origional Slides Lab 1 out : Intro to SHA3 + VCS
26-Jan Lecture 3 VLSI Introduction. Chip-level alternatives. IC Fabrication. Tool flow overview. RTL and other design representations. HLS. - Slides Lab 0 due
28-Jan Lecture 4 Physical Realities I. Area /timing. Circuit and wire-delay modeling. Slides Lab 1 due - extended to 1/30
2-Feb Lecture 5 Physical Realitites II. Energy and power. Power modeling and power-aware design. - Slides
4-Feb Lecture 6 Project details. - Slides Lab 2 out : Generator + DC
9-Feb Lecture 7 Memory Technology and Patterns - Slides
11-Feb Guest Lecture Advanced Chisel - Slides Lab 2 due - extended to 2/13

Preliminary Project Proposal due
16-Feb Lecture 8 Hardware Design Patterns I - Slides
18-Feb Lecture 9 Testing and Design Verification Lab 3 out : SRAMs + multi Vt + ICC
23-Feb Oral Project Proposals Presentation Guidelines
25-Feb Oral Project Proposals Presentation Guidelines
1-Mar Private Project Meeting (A)
3-Mar Private Project Meeting (B) Lab 4 out : Rocket Processor Interface Lab 3 due
8-Mar Private Project Meeting (A)
10-Mar Private Project Meeting (B) Lab 4 due
15-Mar All Groups Meeting Brief Oral Project Status Report
17-Mar Private Project Meeting (A/B)
22-Mar UCB recess no class meeting
24-Mar UCB recess no class meeting
29-Mar JW gone no class meeting
31-Mar JW gone no class meeting
5-Apr Oral Progress Presentation Guidelines
7-Apr Oral Progress Presentation Guidelines
12-Apr Private Project Meeting (A)
14-Apr Private Project Meeting (B)
19-Apr Private Project Meeting (A/B)
21-Apr No Meeting (Faculty Offsite Meeting)
26-Apr Private Project Meeting (A)
28-Apr Last Class Private Project Meeting (B)
3-May RRR Final Project Presentations Guidelines
5-May RRR Final Project Presentations Guidelines
10-May Exam Week Final Report - Extended to May 13
12-May Exam Week
13-May Exam Week Final Report Due at 11:59 PM PDT Guidelines

Discussion Sessions

26-JanDiscussion 1Chisel + Scala Primer
02-FebDiscussion 2RISC-V, Rocket, and RoCC
09-FebDiscussion 3DC Reports
16-FebDiscussion 4SRAMS + Multi-Vt + Scripting
23-FebDiscussion 4.5Torque PBS and ICC GUI Demo (no slides)
01-MarDiscussion 5Connecting to Rocket
  Additional InformationBlackboxing in Chisel