Scheme Art Gallery

The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's CS 61A Scheme Art Contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (in other words, please don't just vote for your friends).

Cast your vote by submitting this form. Voting is due 11:59 PM on Monday, May 11th.

Featherweight Division

Hal 9000 - Recursion Edition

Please shift the bins, HAL
Sorry STUDENT, I'm afraid
I cannot do that.

Tokens: 505

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Red Carpet

Fame and fortune call
As we carry on blindly
Into the unknown

Tokens: 363

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The Eye of a Bear

campus is all closed
we sit and wait for light to
shine bright once again

Tokens: 333

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Error: unexpected token: ')'

sometimes too few
this time too, I have too few
points for the wanted grade

Tokens: 252

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Heavyweight Division

Scheming Cat (=`ω´=)

asparagus: a
bit yucky but good for you.
kinda like this class.

Tokens: 2101

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DinoDog goes (W)oof

I hoped for an A...
Barking away, fur astray,
now I just feel pain.

Tokens: 3370

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Nostalgia, Inspiration, Imagination

Simple childhood blocks
Legend among memories
Birthplace of ideas

Tokens: 3358

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The Denero Galaxy

One two Denero
Hundred and two Denero
Google Denero

Tokens: 1402

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