Connor (Cece) McMahon


Jenny Song


Hello! Hope y’all enjoy 61C! : ))

Jonathan Shi



Aadith Srinivasan


Abel Yagubyan


Hey everyone! I'm a rising Senior and I'm majoring in Computer Science and Applied Maths. Outside of 61C, I love playing football (aka soccer), playing video games, and visiting ghost towns in California. Also, lmk who you think will win the Euros if you're keeping up with football! glhf ezez

Anjan Das


Arunan Thiviyanathan


Howdy! I'm Arunan and I'm a rising Junior studying CS from Houston, Texas! This is my 1st semester teaching 61C, but you won't cache me slippin. When I'm not cranking the codes, I'm cheering on my hometown Rockets or playing video games with the boys. Hit me up with what you're listening to and/or your spiciest NBA takes!

Caroline Liu


Hey y’all! I’m Caroline, a rising senior studying EECS and Neurobiology! I love running, reading, writing, crafting, and taking catnaps. This is my 4th semester teaching 61C and I'm super excited–yay for segfaults galore! I love making Spotify playlists, so if you have cool music reccs, hit me up! :DD

Jerry Xu


I’ve got 99 problems, but 80 are cached by k8s-web-4 =.=

Sometimes I write infra stuff

Justin Yokota


Raghav Gupta


Raghav Singh


Hi! I am a rising senior studying EECS major from Mumbai, India. I spend my free time exploring new ways to procrastinate. For the summer I'm going to be in Cornell, New York. Recently I have been interested in algorithms and data analytics in motorsport. In my free time I enjoy watching cricket, soccer and formula 1.


Amit Narang


Hi! I'm a rising junior EECS student and this is my first time on course staff. I love 61C, the Knicks, and my friends.

Carolyn Duan


hi! i'm a rising senior studying EECS, excited to meet you all over summer!

Cindy Lin


it's 61Complicated...

Edwin Lim


Hi, I'm a rising junior studying EECS and am hoping to pursue a career in computer architecture in the future. I love biking, going to the gym, cooking yummy food, and walking my dog! I also play the cello occasionally.

Ella Schwarz


Hi, I'm Ella, a third year majoring in CS and math. The two most important things that 61C will teach you are that computers are cool and that there are too many programming languages. When I'm not trying to learn verilog/chisel/scala, I like to farm carrots in minecraft and sell them for one billion emeralds.

Kenneth Lien



Riley Dyer


Hello! I'm a third year CS major and I like playing chess, backpacking, and spending five hours debugging a single off-by-one error.

Rosalie Fang


Hi y'all! I'm Rosalie and I'm an incoming junior studying CS and Econ. I'm involved with the CSUA and CSM for the semester, am also super into LOTR. Reach out to me by email/on Facebook and chat!

Vinay Gautam


Hi! I am incoming 3rd year from Houston studying Statistics and CS. I spend a lot of my free time on road trips, poker, and cooking. Excited to meet everyone!

Yuanhan Li


Rising junior majoring in CS & Applied Math; Don't forget to check out my website

Academic Interns

Alex Xu

Andy Varela

Anish Kar

Augie Eriksson

Ayah Abushama


Ben Hu

Brian Park


Hi! I'm a rising senior studying CS. I also do research related to parallel computing. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Efsane Soyer


Hey everyone! I'm rising junior studying EECS. I really enjoyed 61C as a student although it can get overwhelming sometimes :) I hope you will enjoy 61C this summer. Excited to meet with you all :)

Elizabeth Herrmann

Jason Lee

I took 61C during Spring 2021 so I hope to be of some assistance!

Jay Monga


SSH into the hive!

Jeffrey Sung


Hello, I am a rising junior studying DS + CS and am excited to help out this summer! I enjoy basketball, music, and watching TV/anime. I'm also really good at Hearthstone.

Jinan Jiang


Hello! I'm Jinan (he/him) and I am a rising senior studying CS. I will be an AI (academic intern) for CS 61C this Summer; at the same time I will also be teaching CS 161 as a 20-hour TA. Fun fact about me, I took the courage to challenge myself by taking two PE courses this Fall semester that are totally new to me: hip-hop dancing and boxing; I always wanted to learn to dance, so I am really looking forward to the upcoming semester!

Joe Mo

Junyang Wang

Kenan Anderson

Kenny Liao


Hi, I'm a rising junior studying CS, excited to meet you all!

Paul Ahn

Ryan Day

Sonali Naphade


Hi! I'm Sonali, a rising junior studying EECS. I love to read (anything fiction or mystery), spend time with with my pet parakeet (who recently discovered the fantastic-ness of human food), and am interested in music production!

Tanay Baswa

Ted Lin

Tymon Thi

Vince Han


I'm a rising junior studying EECS and Business. I have a youtube channel of me playing the cello!

Viraj Kumar

Waleed Latif