Exam policies

The 127 Fall 2019 semester will have two midterms and one final. The midterm times will be during class hours and date will be communicated in class. The final will be held during the designated final exam slot released by campus. Makeup exams will not be scheduled. Please plan for exams at these times and ​email the Head GSI at ​eecs127227f19@gmail.com during the first two weeks of the semester per university policy if you know about any exam conflicts. ​If an emergency arises that conflicts with the exam times, email the Head GSI as soon as possible. Emergency exam conflicts will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We do not provide specific accommodations for conflict with other classes, conflict with personal activities, even planned in advanced, extracurricular or not. We try to accommodate situations of personal hardship to the best of our abilities.

Exam schedule

The exam schedule is as follows:

  1. 9/3/19: Quiz.

  2. 10/3/19: Midterm 1.

  3. 11/12/19: Midterm 2.

  4. 12/18/19, 8-11am: Final.