CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Fall, 2005

Instructor: Brian Harvey

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Dates and times for finals week


  • The questions and solutions from today's review session are now posted (in the usual solutions location).
  • All grades should be posted through proj3, hw13, mt3. If you have any missing grades, or want to complain about a grade, you must do so no later than Monday (12/12). To enter a complaint, send email to your TA and to your reader (just your TA if it's about a midterm). Don't send me mail about grades.

    Grades for the remaining assignments will be posted by Thursday 12/15. Complaints on proj4 or hw 14-15 must be received before 5pm Sat 12/17.

    The reasons for these deadlines are (1) we need time to deal with complaints before the readers disappear after finals and before I have to turn in your letter grades; (2) I don't want everyone who's one or two points away from a grade cutoff to suddenly "remember" after the final is graded about some problem on hw3.

  • The review session will be in the Wozniak lounge, 4th floor Soda.
  • In addition to your homework this week, please complete this survey to benefit research about the new lab-based CS3 format. Part of the goal is to compare those who took CS3 and those who didn't, so please complete the survey either way.
  • The review session for the final exam will be Sunday, Dec. 11, from 3-6 pm, in a location to be determined. Exam week office hours will also be announced soon.
  • Solutions for part A of project 4 have been posted. You may use either your own solution or this posted solution as a basis for the second part of the project.
  • A review session for midterm 3 will be held Sunday Nov 13th 1-4 pm at 10 Evans. HKN is holding a Q&A session afterwards 4-6pm at Wozniak.
    Review Packet - Solution
  • Solutions for part 1 of Project 3 are posted. You may use either these posted solutions or your own solution as a basis for part 2 of the project.
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