Spring 2005

Important Announcements

  • The mean score on the final was 71, with a standard deviation of 18. Histogram.
  • There will be three review sessions offered, each covering different problems.
    • Monday, May 9: 4-5pm, 3102 Etcheverry. Paolo will review the first semester's material.
    • Tuesday, May 10: 1-2pm, 3108 Etcheverry. Niels will review the second semester's material, followed by office hours 2pm-3pm.
    • Niels' notes from the review session. This is a NONCOMPREHENSIVE list of what we covered this semester. (In other words, this is just to jog your memory. I may have left some stuff out.)
    • Wednesday, May 11: 12-1pm, 141 McCone Hall. Hari will review Practice Final 1, followed by office hours 1pm-2pm in 197 Cory.
  • HW11's deadline has been EXTENDED to Friday, May 6 at noon.
  • Here are a couple sample finals and solutions for practice. Practice Final 1 and Solution. Two more practice finals with solutions can be found here. Remember that the focus of this class varies slightly from year to year, so the material emphasized in previous finals may differ from what we emphasized this year.
  • Just a reminder about the EECS Dept. Policy on Academic Dishonesty. (Dishonesty Policy)

Teaching Staff

Instructor: Kannan Ramchandran
Office hours: Monday 1:30-3pm (257 Cory)
E-mail: kannanr AT eecs DOT berkeley DOT edu (put ee120 in the subject line)

Assistant: Amy Ng, 253 Cory, x3-6633 

TA: Hari Palaiyanur
Office hours: Wednesday 1-2pm (Cory 197)
E-mail: harigsi AT gmail DOT com

TA: Niels Hoven
Office hours: Tuesday 2:30-3:30pm (Cory 197)
E-mail: nielsgsi AT gmail DOT com

Email Niels if there are problems with the webpage.


No late homeworks will be accepted!

Matlab m-files.


Homework 1 solutions


Homework 2 solutions



Homework 3 solutions

Problem 4 solution

Homework 4 solutions

Homework 5 solutions

Homework 6 solutions (Matlab corrected 4/1/05)

Problem 5 Matlab m-file

Homework 7 solutions

Homework 8 solutions




Homework 9 solutions (Prob 5: OWN 9.60 corrected 5/12/2005)




Homework 10 solutions

Homework 11 solutions


Past Tests and Quizzes

Meeting Times

Lecture: MW 10-12pm, 277 Cory

Section 101: M 4-5pm, 3102 Etcheverry
Section 102: M 3-4pm, 299 Cory Hall
Section 103: W 3-4pm, 3113 Etcheverry
Section 104: W 9-10am, 289 Cory Hall
Note: You may attend any or all of the sections.

Quiz 1: February 16
Midterm 1: March 16

Quiz 2: April 20
Final Exam: Monday, May 16th, 8-11am at 10 Evans


Required Texts

  • Signals and Systems, Second Edition, by Oppenheim, Willsky, and Nawab (Prentice Hall, 1997).
  • Mastering Matlab 7, by Hanselman and Littlefield (Prentice Hall, 2004).

Optional Supplementary Texts

  • Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems, E. Lee and P. Varaiya, (Addison-Wesley, 2002). (errata)
  • Linear Systems and Signals, B.P. Lathi, (Addison-Wesley, 2001).
  • Signal Processing and Linear Systems, B.P. Lathi, (Addison-Wesley, 1998).

Lecture Schedule



What we talk about

Assigned Reading


Jan 19

Signals and Systems Elementary Properties

LV Chapter 2; OWN Chapter 1 Handout 1 (System properties)


Jan 24

LTI Systems in the time domain Convolution, Impulse response

LV Chapter 5 and Section 9.1; OWN Chapter 2, Fall 03 notes


Jan 26

LTI System properties (cont'd )

OWN Chapter 2


Jan 31

Summary and Outlook Some key examples of system analysis and system design (A frequency filter, and a multipath communication situation). Conclusion: We need Fourier representations.

OWN Chapter 2


Feb 2

Fourier Representations I Fourier Series

LV Chapters 7,9; OWN Chapter 3 Fourier series


Feb 7

DTFS (cont'd):

DTFS as a rotation of the coordinate system, that is, as a projection of the signal into a new coordinate system.

Parseval's theorem, or why JPEG image compression works.
Fourier Representations II Fourier Transform

OWN Section 3.7.3
LV Chapters 7,9; OWN Chapter 4


Feb 9

Fourier Representations II Fourier Transform (cont'd): Using the properties (Parseval; Finding the inverse of a low-pass filter; Modulation by a cosine)
Fourier Representations III Discrete-time Fourier Transform

LV Chapters 7,9; OWN Chapter 4, 5.1


Feb 14

Fourier Representations III Discrete-time Fourier Transform (cont'd)

Complex exponentials as eigenfunctions of LTI systems

LV Chapters 7,9; OWN Chapters 3-6


Feb 16

Sampling Direct approach

Quiz 1 (end of class)

LV Chapter 11; OWN Chapter 7 Handout 2 (Sampling)


Feb 21

President's Day (no class)

LV Chapters 7,9; OWN Chapters 3-6


Feb 23

Sampling Impulse train sampling, Reconstruction, Non-ideal sampling, Aliasing

LV Chapter 11; OWN Chapter 7


Feb 28

Sampling Discrete-time processing of continuous-time signals
Channel equalization using discrete-time system.

LV Chapter 11; OWN Chapter 7


March 2

Sampling Subsampling of discrete-time signals
Communication Systems Modulation, Ultra-wideband communications

LV Chapter 11; OWN Chapter 7


March 7

Sampling (cont)

LV Chapter 11; OWN Chapter 7,8


March 9

Communication Systems Pulse Amplitude Modulation, Digital Communications

OWN Chapter 8


March 14

Communication Systems Pulse Amplitude Modulation: Pulse design considerations. Uncertainty Principle. Code-Division multiple access concept.

OWN Chapter 8


March 16

Communication Systems Frequency modulation. Discrete-time modulation.

Midterm (evening)

OWN Chapters 1-8


March 21-25



March 28

Control Laplace transform.

LV Chapters 12 and 13, OWN Chapter 9


March 30

Laplace transform Region of Convergence, Inverse.

LV Chapters 12 and 13, OWN Chapter 9


April 4

Laplace transform Properties. Control Analysis of LTI systems using Laplace transform

LV Chapters 12 and 13, OWN Chapter 9


April 6

Laplace transform Analysis of LTI systems; geometric evaluation of the Fourier transform; simple feedback systems

OWN Chapter 9: 9.7, 9.8, 9.4; Chapter 11: 11.1, 11.2.1-11.2.3, PID Tutorial


April 11

Laplace transform Bode diagrams

OWN Chapter 9, Handout 3 (Bode Diagrams)


April 13

Laplace transform Simple Feedback Systems
Z transform

OWN Chapter 11: 11.1, 11.2.1-11.2.3
Chapter 10: 10.1, 10.2


April 18

Z transform

OWN Chapter 10


April 20

Z transform LTI systems analysis; simple feedback systems

OWN Chapter 10


April 25

Catch-up lecture


April 27

Z transform Unilateral z Transform (difference equations)

OWN Chapter 10 (10.9)


May 2

Signal Processing Filter design

OWN Sections 6.4, 9.7.5,


May 4

Signal Processing for Communications Filter design; Wavelets and Filter Banks; OFDM principles


May 9

Random Signals and Systems Principles
Summary of class

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