C/CS/Phys191: Qubits, Quantum Mechanics and Computers - Fall 2007

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  • Written report for the project is due by 5 pm Friday, Dec. 7 in to Prof. Whaley's office. Hand in 2 copies of the report and send one copy over e-mail.
  • 11/30 The schedule for the project presentations has now been posted.
  • you can pick up your midterm and homeworks from the GSI.
  • 11/06 Guidelines for the term project have been posted.
  • In-class midterm is on November 8, 2007.
  • 10/01 With apologies, it was necessary to make another change to Prof. Whaley's office hour on Monday - from now on it is 3-4 pm.
  • 09/25 more clarification given in hints for problem 1 of Problem set 2 - please check new version.
  • Prof. Whaley's office hours have changed to Mondays 2-3 pm.
  • Problem set 2 should be handed in to Prof. Whaley's office by 5 pm Friday, Sep. 28 at the latest. This is a short problem set.
  • CS191 made the national news in 2005! The Wall Street Journal had this to say about quantum computing.
  • Lecture notes, problem sets and solutions will be posted on this webpage weekly.


    Birgitta Whaley
    Lectures: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-2 in 180 Tan
    Office hours: Monday 3-4 / Thursday 2-3 in 219 Gilman

    Teaching Assistant

    Raisa Karasik
    Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00-12:00 in 419 Hearst Mining Bld.


    Lecture notes

    Below are lecture notes covering material for the whole semester. They will be modified as the semester progresses to reflect the material taught in the lectures and to make improvements. Topics and contents may be moved around and reordered, so keep checking for updates! The dates in the left column lists the date at which a lecture was given, and the date in the rightmost column gives the date during Fall 2005 at which a set of notes was last updated. If no date is given on the lefthand side, it means that that lecture has not yet been given this semester. If no update date is listed on the righthand side, it means that the notes have not been updated yet this semester, and are unmodified notes from earlier semesters.

    Date Topic NotesDate updated
    108/28 Quantum States, Superposition [pdf] 09/02
    208/30 Qubits, Notation [pdf] 09/02
    309/04 Measurements, Notation [pdf,ps] 09/06
    409/06 Unitaries/Gates, Multiqubit and Bell States [pdf,ps] 09/08
    509/11 2 Qubit gates, EPR [pdf] 09/14
    609/13 Bell inequalites, No-Cloning, Teleportation [pdf] 09/14
    709/18 Superdense Coding, Quantum Cryptography [pdf] 09/19
    809/20 Quantum Gates and Universality I [pdf] 09/21
    909/25 Quantum Gates, Universality and Solovay-Kitaev [pdf] 09/27
    1009/27 Complexity and Reversible Computing [pdf] 09/30
    1110/02 Circuits, Randomized computation, Deferred measurements [pdf] 10/08
    1210/04 Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell I [pdf] 10/07
    1310/09 Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell II [pdf] 10/14
    1410/11 Uncertainty principle, Spin algebra [pdf] 10/14
    1510/16 Spin measurement, spin initialization, spin manipulation I (precession) [pdf] 10/19
    1610/18 Spin manipulation II (resonance), quantum gates for spins [pdf]
    1710/23 Deutsch and Deutsch-Jozsa algorithms [pdf] 10/26
    1810/25 Quantum Fourier Transform [pdf]
    see also: [pdf]
    1910/30 Shor's order (period) finding algorithm and factoring [pdf] 11/01
    2011/02 Quantum phase estimation, eigenvalue calculations [pdf] 11/02
    2111/06 Grover's quantum search algorithm [pdf] 11/11
    0011/08 Midterm Quiz  
    2211/13 Applications of Quantum Search, Quantum Zeno [pdf] 11/18
    2311/15 Quantum random walks [pdf] 11/18
    2411/20 Guest lecture: Si quantum computation [pdf] 11/27
    0011/22 Thanksgiving - no lecture
    2511/27 Guest lecture: Superconducting Qubits [pdf] 11/30
    2611/29 Quantum Error Correction [pdf] 11/29
    0012/04 Student presentations
    0012/06 Student presentations

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    Recommended reading

    For all topics, the first recommended reading is the lecture notes. For a second point of view, or if the notes are confusing, try the texts listed below.

    Recommended text for the class:

    Recommended alternative text:

    Other texts for quantum computation

    Mathematical background

    On quantum mechanics in general