CS 161: Computer Security, Spring 2008 Schedule

Date Lecture topic Slides / reading Other
Jan 23 (W) Overview of security: what is it about and why should you care (guest lecture: David Wagner)
Jan 28 (M) Course logistics and introduction slides
Jan 30 (W) Symmetric key encryption, block ciphers slides, reading: G 11.1, 11.5.1, 11.5.2 (A 5.1, 5.3.3)
Feb 4 (M) Public key encryption, modular arithmetic slides, reading: G 11.2, 11.5.3, 11.5.4 (A 5.3.4, 5.7.1) HW1 out (support files)
Feb 6 (W) Public key encryption, hash functions slides, reading: G 11.3 (A 5.5.6, 5.6)
Feb 11 (M) Message authentication, digital signatures slides, reading: G 11.4 (A 5.7) Project group sign-ups due
Feb 13 (W) Digital signatures and secret sharing slides HW1 due, HW2 out (support files)
Feb 18 (M) (no lecture) Academic holiday
Feb 20 (W) Secret sharing and zero-knowledge proofs slides, notes HW1 returned
Feb 25 (M) Authentication and key exchange protocols slides, notes, Reading: G 12.1-12.4 HW2 due
Feb 27 (W) Random number generator slides, notes HW3 out, Project description / requirements out
Mar 3 (M) Electronic cash slides HW2 returned
Mar 5 (W) Ecash and searching on encrypted data slides, notes
Mar 10 (M) Why crypto systems fail slides, supplemental reading 1, 2 HW3 due
Mar 12 (W) Private searching with malware applications (guest lecture: John) slides, supplemental reading 1, 2
Mar 17 (M) Midterm review HW3 returned
Mar 19 (W) (in class midterm) Midterm exam
Mar 24 (M) (no lecture) Spring break
Mar 26 (W) (no lecture) Spring break
Mar 31 (M) Buffer overflow and other memory safety vulnerabilities (I) slides, supplemental reading for buffer overrun vulnerability and format string vulnerability , reading: G14.1-14.6
Apr 2 (W) Buffer overflow and other memory safety vulnerabilities (II) slides Project milestone 1 due
Apr 7 (M) Defensive programming (I) slides, reading: G14.7
Apr 9 (W) Defensive programming (II) slides
Apr 14 (M) Worms: Attacks and Defenses slides HW4 out
Apr 16 (W) Worms: Attacks and Defenses (II) slides
Apr 21 (M) Automatic Tools for Bug Finding slides HW4 due
Apr 23 (W) Isolation, sandboxing slides, Reading: G 15.1-15.6 HW5 out, Project milestone 2 due
Apr 28 (M) Sandboxing slides HW4 returned
Apr 30 (W) Firewalls, intrusion detection slides
May 5 (M) Web security slides HW5 due
May 7 (W) Web security (II) slides, Reading: SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF
May 12 (M) Final exam review Final Review Slides HW5 returned, Final project due
May 16 (F) Final exam 5-8pm,
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